Emerald Ash Borer-trees to be removed

Posted On Friday January 08, 2021

As part of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) program, last year the Town identified a wooded area in Beeton that comprises of approximately 90% ash trees.  All these trees are now dead and/or dying. They are all within striking distance of the properties along McCullough Avenue and Danielle Avenue South in Beeton.  Ash trees deteriorate quickly after infestation and have been known to fail at the base; unfortunately, these trees must be removed.

Due to migratory birds (Migratory Birds Convention Act (1994)) there is a window generally between April and August of every year where larger scale tree removals must be avoided to protect potentially nesting birds. To this end, the Town will be planning to start these removals in January to April of 2021.  Some debris will likely remain in the wooded area to decompose naturally, however, the bulk of the wood and debris will be removed.  Other species of trees will remain and in hopes they will grow and establish the new canopy.

Pending the completion of the removals, the Town will plan to plant 50 new caliper sized trees in the spring of 2021, we will assess in the summer, and consider more opportunities to plant more trees of various sizes to continue the succession of the area.  Species selected will be native and tolerant of the lower and wet areas.  Some species being considered are: swamp white oak (Q. bicolor), eastern cottonwood (P. deltoides), cucumber magnolia (M. accuminata), tamarack (L. laricina), red mulberry (M. rubra), willow (Salix sp.), eastern white pine (P. strobus), and red maple (A. rubrum)

If there are any inquiries, questions, or concerns, please contact the Urban Forest Technician in the Public Works Department at 705-435-3900, ext 1400  publicworks@newtecumseth.ca