Tottenham Airfield Corporation Inc.

Posted On Friday January 04, 2019

Tottenham Airfield Corporation Inc. (TAC) Fill Management Agreement

The Engineering Department administers the Fill Management Agreement (Site Plan Agreement) between Tottenham Airfield Corporation Inc. (TAC) and the Town. The TAC Property is located at 8128 Highway 9, where TAC is undertaking works to improve the Property which is an existing airfield under Federal jurisdiction.
The scope of the improvement works includes the importation of substantial quantities of soil in order to construct runways and associated facilities. Runway 16/34, which runs north-south, has been entirely relocated to the east side of the property and opened for aviation use in the spring of 2017. Two new taxiways support each new runway, and the first of several new hangars has been constructed. The noise attenuation berm along the southwestern boundary line is expected to be completed by fall of 2018, complete with landscaping. Runway 13/31, which runs in an east-west direction, is expected to be completed by 2019.
It is recognized that the Town's Fill By-Law was not drafted in anticipation of a project of the magnitude such as TAC which includes the importation of a substantial quantity of fill material. Accordingly, Town Council passed a site-specific Fill By-Law which required TAC and the Town to enter into the Site Plan Agreement with many additional terms and conditions imposed in order to address the nature of the Project in addition to any other rights the Municipality may have. As a result, the Town deemed it desirable to issue a Fill Permit provided that TAC entered into the Agreement to govern the soil importation portion of the Project. The Fill Permit was issued for the continuation of fill importation for Phase 2 of the project and came in effect on May 1st, 2016 for a three-year term, and due to expire May 1st, 2019.
The objectives of the Town, through its Fill By-law and the Site Plan Agreement with TAC are to:
• Maintain confidence in the Town and its residents in the airfield improvements at the Property which includes the importation of soil;
• Minimize disruption to the residents and the general public from the activities in the airfield improvement both on the Property, the adjacent properties, Highway #9 and the construction entrance to the Property from Highway #9;
• Ensure the importation and placement of soil is managed in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act,
• Ensure that all soil imported to the Property is in compliance with and meets the standards set out in the Schedule "1" BMPP, which includes following all appropriate protocols and soil testing; and
• Limit the fill importation of the airfield improvement to the development of the runways and associated facilities in accordance with the design set out in the Development Plan. For additional specific details, please follow the link below and refer to the Site Plan Agreement in addition to other relevant documents pertaining to the TAC project. The information provided through the link is updated from time to time.

Who to Contact:

For concerns, complaints and general inquiries regarding the operations of the airfield and development construction works, please contact the following TAC Representatives:

Martin Zimmer OR Tony Musso
Tel: 613-363-1109 Tel: 647-880-3385

For inquiries regarding the administration of the Site Plan Agreement, please contact the Town’s Engineering Department:

Engineering Department
Tel: 705-435-3900, Ext. 1301 OR Tel: 905-729-0057, Ext. 1301