Basswood Leafminer in New Tec

Posted On Wednesday September 02, 2020

We have been receiving concerns from residents about their linden trees - mostly in north Alliston.  There is a common and native skeletonizing and leaf mining insect that is making your linden tree look like it is in trouble, the Basswood Leaf Miner (Baliosus nervosus).  The insect “mines” the leaf in its larvae stage through the summer and renders the tree showing up reddish brown around this time of year.  The insect can also impact birch, elm, ironwood, maple, oak, willow and some fruit trees.  

To learn more specifically about leafminers, check here: 

What you can do?

Keeping your tree healthy, watered in dry times, and ideally with a good mulching practice will allow your tree to fight the effects of this insect.  Remove and destroy prematurely fallen leaves off the property and any leaves where symptoms are present. 

To learn more about the benefits of trees, please take the time to visit a very informative website: