Bids and Tenders

About Us

The town’s average annual operating expenditures are more than $35M, with average annual capital expenditures more than $80M.

Commodities the Town purchases include:

  • Road and Bridge services and construction
  • Water and Wastewater services and construction
  • Fleet assets
  • Park and Trail development, systems, and maintenance
  • Recreation and Fitness goods and services
  • Building construction, systems, equipment and maintenance
  • Property maintenance
  • Security
  • Fire rescue goods
  • Business services and consulting
  • Training services
  • Office equipment, supplies and furniture
  • Computing devices
  • Software
 Procurement Policy
 Procurement Policy
 Bid Opportunities

The Town generally conducts open procurement for opportunities with a value greater than $100,000. The solicitation is advertised, electronically, by our external bidding system host To access our opportunities, visit:

Town solicitations may be previewed free of charge.

A subscription is required to receive automatic notifications of Town solicitations. Subscribers may also download the solicitation document becoming a plan taker, ask questions, receive addenda email notifications, download addenda, and submit a bid electronically through the bidding system, or a pay-per-bid option is available.

For further information or tutorials, please visit, or access the YouTube pages for videos about setting up an account, searching for open bids, submitting a response, and more.

Procurement opportunities with a value below $100,000 are conducted by invitational procurement, generally to a minimum of three suppliers on our supplier list.

 Supplier List
To join our supplier list please contact purchasing
 Notice of Participation in Cooperative Buying Groups

The Town is a participating agency in one or more procurements conducted by the following cooperative buying group(s):

1.  Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Cooperative (bidding system of the lead agency)
2.  Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace,
3.  Local Authority Services,, including:

4. Canoe Procurement Group
5.  Ministry of Government Services,, including:

6. Public Services and Procurement Canada
5.  Sourcewell,
6.  Kinetic GPO,