Municipal Comprehensive Review

Managing Growth in our Community – Simcoe County Municipal Comprehensive Review


 What is a Municipal Comprehensive Review?

A Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) is a process required under the 2019 A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and Provincial Policy Statement. It ensures that Official Plans conform with updated provincial plans and policies. A MCR results in an updated official plan which is submitted to the Province for approval.

The MCR is a specific planning process used to bring an upper tier or single tier municipal Official Plan (OP) into conformity with the Growth Plan. For New Tecumseth, this means that the County of Simcoe is currently undertaking the MCR to update its Official Plan. An official plan establishes the overall land use pattern of development and environmental management in the County and sets the stage for more detailed local planning. The County MCR will impact the 16 Local Area Municipalities in the County including the Town of New Tecumseth.

Simcoe County Projected Growth Chart

The County is required by the Province to plan for a population of 555,000 and 198,000 jobs by 2051. A key component of the work being undertaken in this regard is a Land Needs Assessment to determine where the assigned growth will be accommodated in the existing settlement areas and whether additional urban land is needed.

Once the MCR is completed, New Tecumseth will have to update our 2019 Official Plan to conform to the
County’s Official Plan.

Who is responsible?

The County of Simcoe is responsible for undertaking the MCR collaborating with all of its member municipalities. Town Council and staff will continually provide input and feedback into the process. This means the Town of New Tecumseth provides comments and input to the County on where and how we would like to grow. To support the County in the update to their Official Plan, the Town provides background information. Once the County Official Plan is approved by the Province, the Town will be responsible for the update of our Official Plan to ensure conformity with County and provincial policies.

What do the Growth Targets mean for New Tecumseth?

The Provincial Growth Plan sets density targets, measured as the number of ‘residents and jobs per hectare’. They apply to areas known as Designated Greenfield Areas (DGA) located outside the existing built-up area typically within primary settlement areas and to areas. Designated Greenfield Areas are lands within Settlement Areas but outside of the Delineated Built-up Areas that have been designated in an official plan for development and are required to accommodate forecasted growth to the 2051 Growth Plan horizon.

Designated Greenfield Areas include recently developed areas, or vacant lands with an urban designation that will accommodate future residential and employment development. These are areas  where opportunities exist to strive for more transit supportive, compact and complete communities and consider the importance of efficient use of land, infrastructure and community amenities in our growing Town.


 The MCR will allocate the new forecasted growth of the 198,000 new residents and 81,000 jobs to different areas within the County to the planning horizon of 2051 as required in the updated Growth Plan. Alliston is identified in the Growth Plan as a Primary Settlement Area (PSA) and Provincial Significant Employment Zone (PSEZ) with Tottenham and Beeton identified as Settlement Areas. This means that New Tecumseth will receive a good portion of growth in the County but will be distributed amongst the other four County PSAs.



To support the Town's infrastructure investments, intensification and higher density development will reinforce integrated planning for communities and desired urban form for the communities of Alliston, Tottenham and Beeton of their Delineated Built-up Areas. Intensification applies to the development of an area through redevelopment, development of vacant or under-utilized lots, infill and the expansion or conversion of existing buildings. The County's current intensification target is 32% and the Town's is 40% as identified in the Official Plan.

Other Components of the MCR:

The Town of New Tecumseth is an active participant in the County's MCR process. Staff have been
working to gather information to help support the County in conducting the various key inputs into the
MCR work plan over the course of 2020-2021:
• Urban Land Needs Assessment (Population and Employment)
• Population and Employment forecast
• Employment Strategy
• Water and Wastewater servicing review
• Transportation master plan update
• Watershed planning
• Provincial Agricultural System review and update
• Provincial Natural Heritage System review and update
• Climate Change Strategy

Building Complete Communities and Integrated Planning


One of the main objectives of the Growth Plan is to build more compact complete communities to reduce the rate at which land is consumed.

Complete communities support quality of life and human health. Whether they are urban, suburban or rural, complete communities:

• Are compact
• Foster vibrant public interaction and give residents and workers a sense of place
• Encourage active transportation
• Make efficient use of infrastructure y support transit y provide a mix of housing types and offer a
range of affordability
• Offer a range of employment opportunities
• Offer access to healthy local food
• Are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change

 Rural municipalities can experience challenges building complete communities because of lower population densities due to expansive rural landscapes with dispersed populations. It is imperative for these communities experiencing growth to prevent development encroachment, further fragmenting the surrounding prime agricultural lands and natural features. Existing policies in the Official Plan and provincial plans already include measures to encourage the development of complete communities. Combined, these approaches have begun to reduce the amount of new land needed for growth and support the development of healthy, livable communities.

One of the key components in the Growth Plan is the application of an integrated planning approach where infrastructure planning, land use planning and infrastructure investment is coordinated to implement the Growth Plan policies. Planning for new or expanded infrastructure of transportation and, water and wastewater services will help to identify where future population and employment can be accommodated.

More Information

For additional information on the MCR, you can read Council reports below.

 Council Reports


Proposed County of Simcoe MCR - #PD-2021-26 - May 31, 2021 

Proposed County of Simcoe MCR - PD-2021-26 Staff Presentation

MCR Update on Growth Management - #PD-2021-45 - September 13, 2021

MCR Update on Growth Management - PD-2021-45 Staff Presentation 

Additional Information Memorandum - #PD-2021-45 AIM September 27, 2021

MCR - Proposed Forecast, Settlement Boundary Expansion Criteria, and Future Servicing Capacity - #PD-2021-59 - December 13, 2021

MCR Integrated Planning Approach to Growth Management PD-2021-59 Staff Presentation 

MCR Review Update on Mapping of Agricultural & Natural Heritage Systems and Draft Policy Direction on Climate Change & Watershed Planning #PD-2021-61 - December 13, 2021


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