Riverdale Park Accessible Trail Extension

The Engineering Department is presenting the Riverdale Park Multi-Use Accessible Trail project for public review and information. The presentation drawing provides an overview of the trail alignment design along with features that form part of the trail.

 The Multi-Use Accessible Trail along Boyne River will provide a formal accessible connection from the east end of the property at the pedestrian bridge to Riverdale Park in the community of Alliston. The trail will be approximately 350 metres long and it is designed to comply with AODA standards to meet the guidelines in the Design of Public Spaces in Ontario. The trail is designed to allow for wheelchairs, walkers, bicycles and pedestrian traffic flow. The trail will provide both active and passive recreational space for activities such as walking, running, socializing, eating etc. for all residents.

Anticipated Project Timelines

  • Tender – April 2021 to May 2021
  • Construction – Anticipated Completion in 2022


Comments can be forwarded to Engineering@newtecumseth.ca