Animal Services

We provide a variety of services for animals and animal control in New Tecumseth.

Animal Cruelty

Protect our animals. If you think an animal is in distress or being abused please call the Animal Protection Call Centre at 1-833-926-4625 or Animal Protection - 

Canine control

Canine control responds to calls about loose dogs, barking and dog feces. We also provide dog licences and kennel licensing services.

Livestock claims

We also process livestock claims for producers whose livestock, poultry and honey bees have been damaged by wildlife.

Cats or injured wildlife

If you have questions about cats or injured wildlife, call the Alliston and District Humane Society at 705-458-9038.

Animal by-laws

To view more information about rules and policies around dogs in the municipality, view our Barking Dogs By-law, Canine Control By-law or  Dangerous Dogs By-law.

Find out more about kennels in New Tecumseth with our Kennel By-law.

Learn about regulating or keeping animals in the Town with our Wildlife and Prohibited Animals By-law.

For questions regarding livestock, chickens, etc., please see the Zoning By-law.