COVID-19 information

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) 

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) region, which includes the Town of New Tecumseth will move to the Province's Emergency Brake Shutdown effective Saturday, April 3, 2021 at 12:01 a.m.

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) and local municipalities may also implement local public health directions, bylaws, and policies which can exceed the provincial laws and recommendations.

NEW: Province-wide Emergency Brake Shutdown 

The Province has announced the implementation of a Provincewide ‘emergency brake’ effective Saturday, April 3 at 12:01 a.m. and the Ontario government intends to keep it in place for at least four weeks. 

As a result, the following Town services will be impacted: 

  • All Town of New Tecumseth recreation centres will be closed.
  • The Museum on the Boyne will be closed.
  • All pre-registered programs, classes, fitness etc. will be cancelled.
  • The fitness centre at the Tottenham Community & Fitness Centre will be closed and fitness memberships will be extended to reflect the period of the provincewide break.
  • All rentals currently taking place during the Provincewide shutdown will be cancelled.
  • Permit holders will be rescheduled or refunded for any cancelled time as a result of the Provincial emergency break. 

The Administration Centre and the Joint Operations Centre will remain closed for public walk-ins. However, staff are available to assist our residents and community by phone – 705-435-3900 or 905-729-0057, email, online or through pre-arranged appointments. 

With the warmer weather coming and the importance of getting physical exercise and enjoying the outdoors, the Town’s open spaces, parks, trails, and walking paths remain available for individual physical activity use. Residents are encouraged to get out and enjoy the weather and fresh air, however, all COVID-19 health protocols must be followed. 

For the latest news release from the Ontario Government on this Provincewide emergency brake, please visit:

Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor 3-11-2021

Message from the Mayor 2-26-2021

Message from the Mayor - Family Day

Message from the Mayor 1-21-2021

Message from the Mayor 1-12-2021

Mayor's holiday greetings to New Tecumseth

UPDATED: COVID-19 vaccination clinics 

Information provided by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

New Adults turning 80 years of age or older (born in 1941 or earlier)

CLICK HERE to book online through the Province of Ontario’s online booking system. For support over the phone call the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line: 1-888-999-6488; Hours of Operation - 8AM-8PM, Monday-Sunday.

Pre-registration for eligible phase 1 groups

At this time eligible phase 1 groups who can pre-register include:

To see if you meet all the requirement to pre-register please visit this page  and read ALL the information. 

Interval for second dose extended to 16 weeks

Ontario has moved to a 16-week interval between the first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is based on guidance from Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunizations and aims to maximize the number of people benefiting from the strong protection provided by a first dose of the vaccine.

All second dose appointments that were booked with a shorter interval will be cancelled. We will provide details soon about how to book a new appointment for your second dose.

Important reminders:

The fewer people you have contact with the lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Even though there is no longer a stay-at-home order, staying home is still the best way to protect yourself and others. You are strongly advised to:

  • stay home as much as possible 
  • avoid social gatherings 
  • limit close contacts to your household 
  • screen for symptoms if attending school and/ or childcare and work 
  • work from home if possible, and allow your employees to work from home if they can 
  • avoid travel except for essential reasons 
  • comply with orders and letters of instruction (see below for a list of current orders and instructions)

Please note, there is updated direction for when you must self-isolate if someone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19. Find more details in the expander bar below.

For more information on how to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID 19 click here.

Close contact, gatherings and events

Organized public events and social gatherings limits are:

  • 5 people indoors.
  • 25 people outdoors.

Virtual gatherings or events are the safest way to visit or recognize occasions with people outside your household.

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit strongly advises that you limit close contact to your household (the people you live with):

  • Everyone should avoid social gatherings.
  • Families not visit any other household or allow visitors in their homes.
  • Individuals who live alone and single parents may consider having exclusive, close contact with another household to help reduce the negative impacts of social isolation.
  • Maintain 2 metres (6 feet) of physical distancing from everyone outside of your household (who you do not live with).
  • Wear a mask indoors and outdoors if physical distancing cannot be maintained; or if wearing one is required. Masks should be tightly fitted to cover the nose, mouth and chin
COVID-19 variants within the region

Variants of the COVID-19 virus are here in Ontario and Simcoe Muskoka and urgent efforts by all are needed to slow their spread to protect our health system and our most vulnerable. Variants of COVID-19 are more contagious which means it will take more intensive efforts of the same public health practices to prevent transmitting infection to each other. For the most up to date numbers of the amount of confirmed variants in our region check here.

What we know about COVID-19 variants

It is common for viruses to change as they spread through the population. Three variants have been detected around the world:

  • The United Kingdom (UK) variant, called B.1.1.7 is the most common variant worldwide at this time, and has been detected in Canada and is the one we have now seen locally. 
  • A South African variant called 1.351 that has recently been detected in Ontario. 
  • A Brazilian variant called P.1, that has not been detected in Canada.

Experts are studying how the virus is changing by understanding the genetic make-up of the virus. This will help us understand how changes to the virus might affect how it spreads and what happens to people who are infected with it.

What we know about United Kingdom (UK) variant (B.1.1.7)

  • This variant was first detected in the UK in September 2020 and is now widespread in London and southeast England. It has since been detected in numerous countries around the world, and more recently in several areas of Ontario.
  • The UK variant appears to spread more easily and quickly than other variants. 
  • At this time both Pfizer and Moderna have said their COVID-19 vaccines is thought to be effective against the B.1.1.7 variant. This is likely because the part of the virus that has changed doesn’t impact upon how the vaccines works.

For more information see Public Health Ontario Synthesis - COVID-19 UK Variant VOC-202012/01 – What We Know So Far

What we do not know

  • How widely this new variant has spread in our community. The health unit is continuing to investigate.
  • How the illness caused by the new variants differs from the illness caused by other variants that are currently circulating. 
  • How these variants affect existing therapies and vaccines

Is there anything I can do differently to protect myself?

It is even more important that public health safety measures to stop the spread are followed because this variant appears to spread more easily and quickly.

Travel (including to cottage, 2nd residence, out of region, province or country)

Cottage or Second Residences

  • During the stay-at-home order all trips to a cottage or secondary residence should be avoided, unless it is for an essential purpose like emergency maintenance.

Out of Region

  • Stay home. Travel outside your region should be limited to only essential purposes.

Out of Province

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health strongly advises that individuals and families:

  • only travel out of the province if it is essential
  • self-isolate for 14 days when arriving in or returning to Ontario

Out of Country

Only travel outside of the country if it is essential. To slow the introduction and spread of COVID-19 in the country, the Government of Canada has put in place an emergency order under the Quarantine Act that applies to all travellers arriving in Canada. Under this order, if you have recently returned to Canada you must self-isolate (quarantine) and stay home whether you have symptoms or not. Even if you do not have symptoms right away, you are at risk of developing them and infecting others.

If you need it, you will get immediate medical attention when you arrive in Canada. Learn about travel advisories related to COVID-19 

 Stop the spread

We all have a role to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

General Advice from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit:

  • Stay- at- home as much as possible.
  • Maintain 2 metres (6 feet) of physical distancing from everyone outside of your household.
  • Wear a face covering indoors and outdoors if physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Face coverings should be tightly fitted to cover the nose, mouth and chin.  
  • Stay home from work if you have symptoms, even if they are mild. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. 
  • Cover your cough. 
  • Download the COVID Alert mobile app
  • Get tested if you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, or if you’ve been advised of exposure by the health unit or through the COVID Alert mobile app.
  • If you are required to wear personal protective equipment for prevention of COVID-19, please ensure at a minimum it includes a medical mask and eye protection.
Class order for self-isolation - effective Oct. 6, 2020

class order under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act has been issued by Simcoe Muskoka’s Medical Officer of Health (MOH) to enforce COVID-19 self-isolation requirements. The order takes effect October 6, 2020 and remains in effect until the MOH declares it is no longer needed.

The order applies to any person living or present in the County of Simcoe and District of Muskoka who:

  • is identified as a person diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • has the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting the results of their test;
  • otherwise has reasonable grounds to believe they have one or more symptoms of COVID-19; or
  • is a close contact of a person identified as a person diagnosed with COVID-19.

If you think you have any symptoms of COVID-19, use the provincial COVID self-assessment tool, and if indicated by the tool, get tested and self-isolate at home for 10 days (the period of time you are contagious) or until your test result is negative for COVID-19.

If you have been identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19, which means being within two metres (6 feet) of that infected person for at least 15 minutes without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), you must self-isolate for 14 days even though you don’t have symptoms. This is because the COVID-19 incubation period (the period between exposure to an infection and the appearance of the first symptoms) can be up to 14 days. Adequate PPE is using both medical grade surgical/procedural mask and protective eyewear. Cloth face coverings are not adequate PPE.

Individuals who fail to comply with the order may be liable for a fine of up to $5,000 for every day or part of each day on which the offence occurs or continues.

For more information see Fact Sheet for Class Order for Self-Isolation.

 New Tec Connects Program

The Town of New Tecumseth continues to be here for our residents, and we are adapting to the changing times and needs of our community as a direct result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

As such, we launched our New Tec Connects Program to support the evolving needs of our residents and our community as we work through this difficult time.  The New Tec Connects Program included virtual fitness and activities, partnerships for grocery delivery and food drives.  

As we continue to work together through this challenging time, we will continue to do all that we can through our organization as well as out New Tec Connects Program to help our residents through this unprecedented time. 

 Support Local. Make It New Tec!

As New Tecumseth’s business community continues to reopen and resume operations, residents and workers are encouraged to safely support local and “Make It New Tec” the next time they’re shopping, dining, or unwinding.

Support Local. Make It New Tec!

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NEW: Emergency Brake impacts on Parks, Recreation & Culture FAQs

The Town of New Tecumseth will be moved into a Provincewide Shutdown as of 12:01am Saturday, April 3rd, 2021. 

As a result of the Provincial shutdown, the following will be in effect for the Town of New Tecumseth’s services as of 12:01am Saturday, April 3, 2021. 

  • All Town of New Tecumseth recreation centres will be closed.
  • The Museum on the Boyne will be closed. 

Fitness and Drop-In registrations:

  • All pre-registered programs, classes, fitness etc. will be cancelled. See refund request details below.
  • Fitness membership payment plans will be temporarily placed on hold and scheduled to be processed on the announcement of reopening of facilities. (on the return of fitness services) To pay out your payment plan or for any questions related to payments please email
  • Fitness memberships will be extended to reflect the period of the provincewide shutdown. 

What this means for your facility rental: 

  • All rentals currently taking place during the Provincewide shutdown will be cancelled.
  • Permit holders will be rescheduled or refunded for any cancelled time as a result of the Provincial Shutdown. 

Refund Requests: 

Drop-in payments and cancelled facility rental payments will be credited to your account. If you would like a refund, please email your refund preference. 

Outdoor spaces: 

With the warmer weather coming and the importance of getting physical exercise and enjoying the outdoors, the Town’s open spaces, parks, trails, and walking paths remain available for individual physical activity use. Residents are encouraged to get out and enjoy the weather and fresh air, however, all COVID-19 health protocols must be followed. 

How to safely enjoy physical activity indoors and outdoors

Although, getting exercise and taking part in physical activity is important for our health, we encourage you use the space and resources you have in your own home or close to your home (i.e. participating in a virtual exercise class, hosting a zoom workout with friends, using your backyard to play outdoor sports, walking around your block).

At this time public spaces such as parks and trails are still open and if you choose to use them be aware that there is a risk of people congregating close together and spreading COVID-19, please also use caution as New Tecumseth trails are not maintained in the winter. 

The following are recommendations to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 when visiting outdoor public spaces (e.g. municipal or public parks, outdoor ice surface rink, hiking paths and trails):

  • Use the outdoor public spaces within your own community, when possible. 
  • If you are feeling ill or displaying symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, difficulty breathing, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat, runny nose) or if you have come into contact with someone who has shown symptoms or has tested positive, you are not to visit the outdoor public space. 
  • Read all posted signs including screening signs at all entrances and ensure everyone self-screens before entering the space. 
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet) from others at all times and especially while in places where people tend to congregate, such as parking lots, trailheads and scenic overlooks. 
  • If physical distancing is difficult to maintain in the outdoor space, wear a face covering.
  • Avoid close contact with people outside your household, such as shaking hands, hugging, high-fives, or games involving shared items. 
  • Wash or sanitize your hands as you arrive. 
  • Do not share equipment with people outside of your household. 
  • If physical distancing is difficult to maintain in the outdoor space, wear a face covering.

 How to handle and exchange second-hand goods

Shopping for second-hand products is a good way to save money, recycle and reuse during COVID-19. If you participate in handling or purchasing second-hand products here are some actions you can take to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Managing or buying second-hand items during COVD-19: 

The main way that COVID-19 is transmitted is directly from person-to-person, rather than through objects. Therefore, the following recommendations are to help prevent person-to-person spread.

  • Avoid all close contact with people outside of your household and practice physical distancing (e.g. stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from others at all times). 
  • Wear a non-medical mask or face covering when physical distancing is not possible. Make sure it fits. Learn how to wear it properly and follow the do’s and don’ts.
  • Avoid meeting in person if possible (e.g. leave items out for porch pick-up ) 
  • Use digital/electronic or contactless payment services rather than cash. 
  • Refrain from trying on any clothing while shopping, and limit touching items where possible.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Goods and Surfaces

It is also possible that COVID-19 can be transmitted through objects, as the COVID -19 virus may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days depending on different conditions, such as: temperature, type of surface and humidity of the environment.

  • After purchasing an item, thoroughly clean and disinfect it. Avoid buying items that are difficult to clean. 
  • When possible, clean and disinfect all surfaces of the merchandise; Launder items where possible and dry on the hottest setting possible. 
  • If items cannot be cleaned and disinfected (e.g. books, paper, fabric) they should be stored for a period of time in a dedicated area or room for at least 72 hours before use. 
  • Wash your hands after handling items. 
Mandatory - wearing a face covering in all indoor public spaces

Public Face Covering Policy

SMDHU mandatory face coverings for businesses letter 

As per the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit's direction, as of Monday, July 13, 2020, when you enter into a public indoor spaces or use a public transit service in Simcoe Muskoka, which includes the Town of New Tecumseth, you will be required to wear a face covering.

What you need to know about wearing a face covering in indoor public spaces- FAQ 

face covering means a medical or non-medical mask or other face covering such as a bandana or scarf that covers the mouth and nose.

Children under the age of 2 or those under 5 who cannot be persuaded, are not required to wear a face covering, as well as individuals whose health or ability, or cultural or religious reasons would prevent them from doing so. No proof of exemption is required.

These additional public health measures remain in effect in all settings:

  • Maintain physical distancing of two metres from others

  • Stay home if ill and get tested for COVID-19

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer 

What you need to know about wearing a face covering in indoor public spaces- FAQ 

Make sure your mask fits. Learn how to wear it properly and follow the do’s and don’ts.

Evidence-based Information on Face Coverings

 Enforcement of COVID-19 Provincial Orders Q&A

Municipal Law Ambassador Program: 

The Town’s Municipal Law Enforcement team has developed an ambassador program to help remind residents and visitors of the importance to follow the Health Officials guidance and comply with the restrictions in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. 

As part of the  ambassador program,  Municipal Law has been working with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit to educate other Town staff on the current COVID-19 restrictions. Town staff will  be out and about in our community to continue to educate residents about the Province’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) including ensuring no gatherings of more than five people and the need to stay out of closed outdoor recreational amenities. 

We appreciate the community’s help in following these important rules to help flatten the curve and keep us all safe during this pandemic.

If you see non-compliance with the EMCPA, please call the OPP non-emergency line at 1-888-310-1122. For less serious incidents, report online by visiting

What is the Town’s By-law Enforcement and Nottawasaga OPP doing to enforce the Province’s COVID-19 Orders.

The Town’s By-law Enforcement Officers are assisting the Nottawasaga OPP to enforce the Province’s COVID-19 Orders by doing proactive patrols and partnering with the OPP to educate residents and working with the Nottawasaga OPP where Police intervention may be warranted.  

What are the fines the public will be facing for violating the Provincial Orders? 

Charges may be laid for violations of the Province’s Orders in two ways. People not abiding by the Provincial Orders may receive a ticket with a set fine between $750 to $1000 dollars per charge. Alternatively, Officers may lay a charge by way of a summons in which case the fine and penalties are potentially more severe, ranging from up to $100,000 for individuals, $500,000 for Directors or Officers of a corporation and up to $10,000,000 for a corporation.  In addition, offenders may be subject to up to one year imprisonment. 

Can we still walk through the Town’s parks, pathways and trails? 

Residents may walk through Town parks, pathways and trails unless there is signage at or in the park identifying the park or specific parts of the park as being closed, provided that residents: 

  • maintain a distance of at least 2.0 metres from other people (other than people who reside together).

  • Please use caution as trails in New Tecumseth are not maintained in the winter. 

Can businesses be charged for violating the Province’s Orders? 

Yes, businesses and business owners can be charged for violating COVID-19 Orders issued by the Province. For example, businesses violating the Provincial Orders requiring closure of non-essential businesses or price gouging on essential goods may be charged and subject to fines of up to $10,000,000, and Officers and Directors of these businesses may be liable for fines of up to $500,000 personally. 

Who do I call to report a possible violation of the Provincial COVID-19 Orders, the Federal Quarantine Act and Price Gouging?

If you wish to file a report regarding non-compliance under the Quarantine Act, contact Public Health Agency of Canada. For emergencies, please call 9-1-1. For all other police matters, including non-compliance to the Provincial COVID-19 Orders, please call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.  In addition, with respect to complaints regarding unconscionable pricing or price gouging, residents may contact the Consumer Protection Ontario Call Centre at 1-800-889-9768 (which operates between 8:30am and 5:00pm), or file complaints online at:   

Financial Supports and Resources for Businesses

The Town’s Economic Development Office is gathering important information and resources to assist local businesses and their employees in responding to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Visit the Support for Businesses page and use the "Subscribe" feature to receive automatic email notifications about the most up to date resources for your business and employees.

Financial Supports for Individuals and Families

The Government of Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan includes a wide range of measures to support for Canadian individuals and families who are facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic.

Ontario's Action Plan: Protect, Support, Recover is the next phase of the Province's response to the serious health and economic impacts of COVID-19. The plan sets out a total of $45 billion in support over three years to make available the necessary health resources to continue protecting people, deliver critical programs and tax measures to support individuals, families and job creators impacted by the virus, and lay the groundwork for long-term economic recovery.

The Town’s Economic Development Office is gathering important information and resources to assist the local workforce and employers in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Building Inspections
    • At this time building inspections will be completed by our Building Inspectors.
    • Most standard construction inspections can be carried out, including
      • Exterior inspections of all buildings, and
      • Interior inspections of unoccupied buildings that are under construction
    • Interior inspections of occupied dwellings will be conducted with extra provisions for the safety of both staff and occupants.


    • Upon arrival to the property, the inspector shall advise the representative of these procedures and obtain their verbal agreement to comply.
    • The building must be vacant at time of inspection except that one representative of the permit holder/owner may accompany the inspector while maintaining acceptable social distancing.
    • The inspector will evaluate the inspection environment to determine the suitability to maintain a safe workplace and shall mitigate any assessed risk by use of personal protective equipment.
    • Social distancing requiring 6 ft separation shall be practiced at all times by the inspector and the representative.
    • Where 6 ft social distancing is not possible, or as determined by the inspector, both the inspector and the representative shall wear well-fitting, non-surgical masks that completely covers from the nose to the chin.
Building Permit Applications
  • The Building Branch will be only accepting building permit applications through digital means.  Drawings shall be submitted digitally and be in a pdf format.  The drawings shall be scaled and legible.  Pictures of drawings will not be accepted.  Building staff will circulate digital applications to the required internal departments (Planning, Engineering, Fire, Finance) for their approvals and/or comments.
    • Email communication will be the preferred method of communication.
 Building Permit payment & Compliance Letters

Until further notice, payment for building permit fees, development charges and compliance letters will be Visa & Mastercard (max $750) this can be taken over the phone or cheque (payable to the Town of New Tecumseth) and deposited to the Town Hall drop box. No in person payments. 


Drinking water 

Drinking water continues to be safe for consumption & meets all provincial requirements. Safety precautions & measures are in place to protect staff and public to ensure Water services continue. There may be some disruption to non-essential services. Critical servicing will be maintained.


Safety precautions and measures are in place to protect staff and public to ensure Wastewater services continue. There may be some disruption to non-essential services. Critical servicing will be maintained.

Please do not to flush or dispose of cleaning wipes/cloths through sanitary services (toilets, etc.) The Town will not be responding to sanitary blockages as a result of the disposal of such cleaning products. Should cleaning products be found to be the cause of a sanitary blockage, property owners will be responsible for all cost.

Property Tax, Water & Wastewater and Accounts Receivable

If you wish to re-enroll in the pre-authorized payment plan program, your property tax or utility account must be paid in full and you will need to complete the Property Tax/Utility Bill Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form found here.

 Payment methods include:

  • Payments can be made at your bank or through online/telephone banking

  • Third party credit card providers, such as Plastiq

  • Registration in the Town's pre-authorized payment plan

  • By cheque, mailed or placed in the drop boxes at:

  • Town Administrative office located at 10 Wellington Street East in Alliston.

  • Tottenham Recreational Centre located at 139 Queen Street North 

  • Joint Operations Centre located at 6558 8th Line in Beeton

To Access billing information:

 By-law Enforcement 

Bylaw officers will still enforce regular parking infractions like parking within 3m of a fire hydrant, etc. This includes the 5-hour parking restrictions - response will be on a complaint basis.

Who do I contact to report violations to the Province's Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act?

Everyone is encouraged to voluntarily comply with the restrictions introduced by the federal and provincial governments to combat the spread of COVID-19.

For all non-emergency police matters, including non-compliance to the Province’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) please call your local police or the OPP non-emergency line at 1-888-310-1122. For less serious incidents, report online by visiting If you wish to file a report regarding non-compliance under the Quarantine Act, contact Public Health Agency of Canada. Our Municipal Law Enforcement officers will continue to be out in our community reminding you of the importance of complying with these restrictions. 

 About COVID-19

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus with pneumonia-like symptoms. There are confirmed cases in Canada, including Ontario. The Town of New Tecumseth is working closely with the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit, the County of Simcoe and other community partners to monitor the global situation to be as prepared as possible and respond accordingly. 

Case summary information 
For case summary information, please visit the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit's COVID-19 information/statistics. 
 What you need to know

While the risk of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is currently low for our area and there are no confirmed cases here, it is good to be prepared for the potential arrival of widespread community transmission of the virus. The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has information on their website about preparing for a pandemic.

For the most up-to-date local information, visit the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit website

How can I get in touch with the Town?

Citizens can continue to do business with the Town on our website at, or by phone at 705-435-3900 or 905-729-0057 (Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm) or by email at

For recreation related questions, please call our Parks, Recreation and Culture team at 705-435-4030 ext. 1500 or 905-936-4203 ext. 1621 or by email

For detailed information about your Property Tax and Water/Wastewater accounts, access our Virtual Town Hall service portal 24/7. 

For Property Tax and Water/Wastewater payment methods and additional information, please see the FAQ’s on our website:

Property Taxes:

Water and Wastewater:

Other inquiries can be addressed by contacting the Finance department by phone or email:

Property Taxes

-        Phone: (705) 435-3900 extension 1255 or extension 1251

-        Email:

Water and Wastewater

-        Phone: (705) 435-3900 extension 1324 or extension 1252

-        Email:

For any other general finance-related inquiries, please email the Finance Department at

Stevenson Memorial Hospital 

For the latest news from Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH), please visit their website at:www.stevensonhospital.caPlease follow SMH on social media (Facebook & Instagram @stevensonhospital, Twitter @stevensonhosp) or Jody Levac, President & CEO’s on Twitter (@j_levac) for the latest updates as this is an evolving situation.SMH asks the public to use the Ministry of Health’s self-assessment tool to help determine if they need to come to the Assessment Centre.

Assessment Centre:

*NEW: The SMH COVID-19 Assessment Centre is extending its operation to include Thursdays starting December 17. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will continue to be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the lower parking lot. To book an appointment online, please visit the Hospital's website.

Alternatively, our COVID-19 Assessment Centre registration phone line is available by calling (249) 501-0383 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Once appointments are full for the day, please look to the next operating day. There are not dedicated time slots for those calling by phone.

For more information, visit Stevenson Memorial Hospital's website here: click here.

Testing eligibility has recently changed. As of Friday, September 25, 2020 individuals should only seek testing at an Assessment Centre if:

  • they are showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • they have been exposed to a confirmed case of the virus, as informed by their public health unit or the COVID-19 Alert app
  • they are a resident or work in a setting that has a COVID-19 outbreak, as identified by their public health unit  
  • they are eligible for testing as part of a targeted testing initiative directed by the Ministry of Health or Ministry of Long-Term Care
To determine whether you meet criteria for a COVID-19 test please visit For more information about the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at SMH, please visit  
County of Simcoe

You may visit the Simcoe County website at and view their public notices page to see a list of any services they provide that have been affected by COVID-19. 

Where to find support 

We understand that this is a difficult time for many as the world around us is changing due to COVID-19. Whether you are looking for support or know someone who is, below is a list of services available.

Offering support by telephone (2-1-1), email or live chat from their website:  Please call or email if you are unable to access needed supplies or services.

  • 211 Ontario can help you find grocery stores and pharmacies that are open and offering delivery service, as well as programs and services in your community that may be helpful to you during these trying times.
  • 211 exists to connect people to urgent needs and essential services.
  • 211 is multilingual and operates 24/7.

Mental health support

It is normal that situations like COVID-19 can affect your mental health and it’s completely OK to ask for help. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. How you respond to the outbreak can depend on your background, the things that make you different from other people, and the community you live in. If you need support, access the following services. 

Children and youth 

 Additional information sources
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit 

Public Health Agency of Canada

Risk level for Canadians, Current situation, Travel advisories

Ontario Ministry of Health
Ontario news, Status of cases in Ontario – updated at 10:30 a.m. daily

World Health Organization
Technical documents, Questions and answers