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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) 

Messages from the Mayor

COVID-19 Message from Mayor Milne - April 6, 2020

COVID-19 Message from Mayor Milne - March 25, 2020

New Tec Connects Program

The Town of New Tecumseth continues to be here for our residents, and we are adapting to the changing times and needs of our community as a direct result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.    We have launched our New Tec Connects Program to support the evolving needs of our residents and our community as we work through this difficult time. 

Several initiatives are being developed including virtual fitness and activities, partnerships for grocery delivery and the coordination of additional food drives.

In an effort to support our residents who cannot or should not be out making trips within the community to pick up essential needs, we have partnered with the Foodland stores in both Beeton and Tottenham to help deliver supplies to those in need.

To order weekly supplies from the Foodland stores and delivered by the Town of New Tecumseth, please email them with a list of required items, acceptable substitutions and credit card information. Customers must settle the payment with the stores prior to pick up. Delivery will be targeted for the next day. Email at the following addresses:

Tottenham Foodland covering Tottenham: 

Beeton Foodland covering Beeton area and some of Alliston:

For more information on the program, please call the Town of New Tecumseth Customer Service team at 705-435-3900 or 905-729-0057 ext. 1500. 

We are also looking to potentially partner with a grocer in Alliston as well to see if we can also assist in providing such a service.

We will continually monitor this aspect of our New Tec Connects program, the need and demand for it as well as our resources to deliver as the need may grow.

The New Tec Connects Program will also feature virtual fitness and activity videos that will be uploaded to the Town’s corporate social media channels – via facebook and twitter - for all residents to view and participate in.

To help you keep your mind and body active during this time, we will be sharing 15-30-minute fitness classes, weekly crafts and challenges and more.

Dates and locations for upcoming community food drives will be posted once confirmed.

As we continue to work together through this challenging time, we will continue to do all that we can through our organization as well as out New Tec Connects Program to help our residents through this unprecedented time.


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 Town news releases

News release: April 6, 2020 - Town launches New Tec Connects Program

News release: March 24, 2020 - COVID-19 impacts on Town services - update March 24

News release: March 17, 2020 - Town to close public access to Admin Centre & JOC 

News release: March 15, 2020 - COVID-19 Impacts on Town of New Tecumseth services

News release: March 14, 2020 - Town closing recreation and culture facilities and libraries due to COVID-19 effective March 16, 2020

News release: March 13, 2020 - Town makes changes to programs and camps as COVID-19 precaution

 Impact on Town services

Please refer to the news releases section to see the most up-to-date information

As per the Province of Ontario’s emergency order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, effective immediately (March 30) all communal or shared, public or private, outdoor recreational amenities ARE CLOSED including but not limited to playgrounds, sports fields, basketball and tennis courts, off-leash dog parks, skateboard parks, picnic areas, outdoor community gardens, park shelters, outdoor exercise equipment, condo parks and gardens, and other outdoor recreational amenities. 

New Tecumseth Fire Rescue will no longer be issuing burn permits and backyard chimnea permits effective immediately and a fire ban is now in place in New Tecumseth until further notice.

What is closed?

In an abundance of caution for both residents and staff around the COVID-19 pandemic, all New Tecumseth recreation centres, libraries, the Museum, Banting Homestead, Administration Centre (including Building Department) and the Joint Operations Centre are closed to the public and closures remain in effect until at least start of business Monday, May 4, 2020

-       All playgrounds - CLOSED 

-        All programs cancelled

-        54+ Centre – closed

-        Alliston Memorial Arena – closed

-        Banting Homestead - closed

-        Beeton Memorial Arena – closed

-        Museum on the Boyne - closed

-        New Tecumseth Recreation Centre – closed

-        All New Tecumseth Public Libraries – closed

-        Tottenham Community & Fitness Centre – closed

-        Administration Centre, Alliston (including building department)- closed to the public

-        Joint Operations Centre, Beeton - closed to the public 

FAQs about impact on Town services

I had a room/ice/space rented in one of the facilities that is now closed – what happens to my RENTAL?

ALL rentals are cancelled. Full refunds will be provided.  Permit holders will be contacted by staff shortly.

Booking requests for dates beyond May 4th can still be made online or by phone at 705-435-4030 ext. 1500 or 905-936-4203 ext. 1621. Please be aware that future booking requests may be impacted depending on any future or extended impacts on Town services as a result of COVID-19. 

My organization is planning and/or organizing a future event, what should we do?

Any groups or organizations that are planning and/or organizing their own events or gatherings, please be advised that on March 17, 2020 the Province of Ontario has declared a state of emergency and further directed that all organized public events of over 50 people are prohibited, including parades and events and communal services within places of worship. The Province’s orders were approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and will remain in place until March 31, 2020, at which point they will be reassessed and considered for extension, unless this order is terminated earlier. 

I registered for a program that is now cancelled – what happens to my REGISTRATION?

All programs are cancelled. You will receive a prorated refund and will not be charged the admin fee. 

MEMBERSHIPS – What happens to my fitness membership and/or walking track membership?

With the current cancellation, an extension will be added to each membership.  Voluntary membership cancellation due to COVID-19 will have a prorated refund and will not be charged the admin fee. 

Registering for future programs:

Registration for our Spring/Summer programs was scheduled to open Mon., March 16 at 7am. Given the current situation, registration will open at a later date – yet to be determined. Once a date is set for registration opening, the Town will notify the public via our website and social media accounts. 

Financial Supports and Resources for Businesses

The Town’s Economic Development Office is gathering important information and resources to assist local businesses and their employees in responding to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Visit the Support for Businesses page and use the "Subscribe" feature to receive automatic email notifications about the most up to date resources for your business and employees.

Financial Supports for Individuals and Families

The Government of Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan includes a wide range of measures to support for Canadian individuals and families who are facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic.

The Province of Ontario's Action Plan will provide support for people and businesses through tax credits and deferrals to improve their cash flow, protecting jobs and household budgets, while providing the resources necessary to protect their health.

The Town’s Economic Development Office is gathering important information and resources to assist the local workforce and employers in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

All playground equipment CLOSED

All Town of New Tecumseth playground equipment is closed. 

The Town is advising all members of the public to not use any public playground equipment as it is not sanitized.  Signs have been installed in all parks and playgrounds throughout New Tecumseth directing potential users to stay off the equipment.

As residents are encouraged to practice safe social distancing, as an alternative, consider walking, biking or hiking.

Residents are urged to take all precautions recommended by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit and the Chief Medical Officer of Health to protect from COVID-19.

Building Inspections
  • At this time building inspections will be completed by our Building Inspectors. If the urgency of a requested inspection is low, the inspection may be postponed to an appropriate agreed upon date.
  • Most standard construction inspections can be carried out, including
    • Exterior inspections of all buildings, and
    • Interior inspections of unoccupied buildings that are under construction
  • The following building inspection services will be suspended or amended until further notice:
    • Suspension of all interior inspections of occupied buildings                                                                                      

Buildings with alleged safety concerns will be evaluated by the Chief Building Official in order to determine the appropriate action.

Building Permit Applications
  • The Building Branch will be only accepting building permit applications through digital means. Building staff will circulate digital applications to the required internal departments (Planning, Engineering, Fire, Finance) for their approvals and/or comments.

  • Email communication will be the preferred method of communication.

 Building Permit payment & Compliance Letters

Until further notice, payment for building permit fees, development charges and compliance letters will be Visa & Mastercard (max $750) this can be taken over the phone or cheque (payable to the Town of New Tecumseth) and deposited to the Town Hall drop box. No in person payments. 

Payment Process:

  1. Complete the cheque and include the building application number on the front of the cheque

  2. Take a photograph of the cheque and email to

  3. Arrange to have the cheque dropped off in the drop box at Town Hall.

  4. Building Branch will follow up on the payment and issue a receipt.

  5. Building permit or compliance letter will be issued.

  6. Permit package will be scanned and emailed to the applicant.  Any drawings too large to scan will be delivered to site upon first inspection.

Drinking water 

Drinking water continues to be safe for consumption & meets all provincial requirements. Safety precautions & measures are in place to protect staff and public to ensure Water services continue. There may be some disruption to non-essential services. Critical servicing will be maintained.


Safety precautions and measures are in place to protect staff and public to ensure Wastewater services continue. There may be some disruption to non-essential services. Critical servicing will be maintained.

Please do not to flush or dispose of cleaning wipes/cloths through sanitary services (toilets, etc.) The Town will not be responding to sanitary blockages as a result of the disposal of such cleaning products. Should cleaning products be found to be the cause of a sanitary blockage, property owners will be responsible for all cost.


Safety precautions and measures are in place to protect staff and public to ensure Transportation services continue. There may be some disruption to non-essential services. Critical servicing will be maintained.

Property Tax, Water & Wastewater and Accounts Receivable

The Town is looking for ways to help provide financial relief due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As a result, the following changes are being implemented to property tax and water/wastewater due dates:

  • The payment date for the second installment of interim property tax bills has been deferred from April 30th to May 29th, 2020, the last business day of May.

  • Water and Wastewater bills issued with a due date of April 15th have been extended by 30 days, making the revised due date May 15th, 2020.

  • Water and Wastewater bills that will be issued in April will have their due date deferred by 30 days, moving the due date from May 15th to June 15th, 2020.

  • Water and Wastewater billing cycles will continue to be adjusted by 30 days until further notified.

By extending the due dates, the Town is hoping to give residents who are in need financial relief additional time to make payments.

In addition to the above, interest and penalty charges on accounts receivable balances, other than water/wastewater and taxes, will not be applied for the period between April 1 and May 31, 2020.

We will continue to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 and provide further updates as available.

Will I get a revised property tax/utility bill reflecting the new due dates?

  • No. Staff will not be re-issuing bills that have already been sent; however, the amounts on the bills will not be due until the revised due dates. 

  • Note that Utility bills being issued in April or later will reflect the revised due dates; please pay according to the due date on these bills.

I am on a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan - how will I be affected? ?

  • The Town will continue to withdraw monthly pre-authorized payments for property taxes as normal.

  • The Town will withdrawal installment due date pre-authorized payments for property taxes on the REVISED due date of May 29, 2020.

  • Water and wastewater pre-authorized payments will be withdrawn on the REVISED due dates.

  • If you wish to withdraw from the pre-authorized payment plan program, please indicate this in writing by completing the Property Tax/Utility Bill Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation Form found here and emailing the completed form to If you wish to cancel your April pre-authorized payment, please email the completed form to us by April 8th.  

  • In the future, if you wish to re-enroll in the pre-authorized payment plan program, your property tax or utility account must be paid in full and you will need to complete the Property Tax/Utility Bill Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form found here.

What about the post-dated cheque(s) I provided for my property tax payments? ?

  • If your property tax post-dated cheque is dated for the interim tax second installment due date of April 30, 2020, it will be deferred in conjunction with the new due date and will be deposited on May 29, 2020.

What about the post-dated cheque(s) I provided for my water and wastewater payments?

  • If your utility payment post-dated cheque is dated for due date April 15, 2020, it will be deferred in conjunction with the new due date and will be deposited on May 15, 2020.

I am paying by post-dated cheques with an alternative date; how will I be affected??

  • All other post-dated payments will be processed as normal, per the dates indicated on the cheques, unless directed by the property owner. If you would like the Town to hold your post-dated cheque, please indicate this in writing by emailing

 Payment methods include:

  • Payments can be made at your bank or through online/telephone banking

  • Third party credit card providers, such as Plastiq

  • Registration in the Town's pre-authorized payment plan

  • By cheque, mailed or placed in the drop boxes at:

  • Town Administrative office located at 10 Wellington Street East in Alliston.

  • Tottenham Recreational Centre located at 139 Queen Street North 

  • Joint Operations Centre located at 6558 8th Line in Beeton

To Access billing information:

 By-law Enforcement 

The Town of New Tecumseth has lifted overnight parking restrictions earlier than usual. Bylaw officers will still enforce regular parking infractions like parking within 3m of a fire hydrant, etc. This includes the 5-hour parking restrictions - response will be on a complaint basis.

Who do I contact to report violations to the Province's Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act?

Everyone is encouraged to voluntarily comply with the restrictions introduced by the federal and provincial governments to combat the spread of COVID-19.

For all non-emergency police matters, including non-compliance to the Province’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) including ensuring no gatherings of more than five people and the need to stay out of closed outdoor recreational amenities, please call your local police or the OPP non-emergency line at 1-888-310-1122. For less serious incidents, report online by visiting If you wish to file a report regarding non-compliance under the Quarantine Act, contact Public Health Agency of Canada. Our Municipal Law Enforcement officers will continue to be out in our community reminding you of the importance of complying with these restrictions. 

 About COVID-19

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus with pneumonia-like symptoms. There are confirmed cases in Canada, including Ontario. The Town of New Tecumseth is working closely with the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit, the County of Simcoe and other community partners to monitor the global situation to be as prepared as possible and respond accordingly. 

 What you need to know

While the risk of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is currently low for our area and there are no confirmed cases here, it is good to be prepared for the potential arrival of widespread community transmission of the virus. The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has information on their website about preparing for a pandemic.

Regular handwashing is the best defense against spreading illnesses, including COVID-19.

For the most up-to-date local information, visit the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit website

How can I get in touch with the Town during these closures?

Citizens can continue to do business with the Town on our website at, or by phone at 705-435-3900 or 905-729-0057 (Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm) or by email at

For recreation related questions, please call our Parks, Recreation and Culture team at 705-435-4030 ext. 1500 or 905-936-4203 ext. 1621 or by email

For detailed information about your Property Tax and Water/Wastewater accounts, access our Virtual Town Hall service portal 24/7. 

For Property Tax and Water/Wastewater payment methods and additional information, please see the FAQ’s on our website:

Property Taxes:

Water and Wastewater:

Other inquiries can be addressed by contacting the Finance department by phone or email:

Property Taxes

-        Phone: (705) 435-3900 extension 1255 or extension 1251

-        Email:

Water and Wastewater

-        Phone: (705) 435-3900 extension 1324 or extension 1252

-        Email:

For any other general finance-related inquiries, please email the Finance Department at

Stevenson Memorial Hospital 

For the latest news from Stevenson Memorial Hospital, please visit their website at: 

SMH Opens COVID-19 Assessment Centre

On Monday, March 23, Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) is opening a COVID-19 Assessment Centre in their lower parking lot (staff/shipping & receiving entrance). To start, the Centre will run three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-8 p.m. SMH will evaluate hours of operation based on need from the community.

Please follow SMH on social media (Facebook & Instagram @stevensonhospital, Twitter @stevensonhosp), their website ( or Jody Levac, President & CEO’s on Twitter (@j_levac) for the latest updates as this is an evolving situation.

The purpose of the Assessment Centre is to screen patients who have symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. SMH asks the public to use the Ministry of Health’s self-assessment tool to help determine if they need to come to the Assessment Centre. Please see the below news release issued by SMH. For the latest news from SMH, please visit their website at:

“We’re really trying to divert traffic away from our Emergency Department and main entrance, but provide a place for community members to be screened if they are experiencing symptoms,” says Jody Levac, President and CEO, SMH. “It’s important to note that not all patients will be tested at the Centre. Patients will be assessed by a physician who will determine if a test is needed.”

The public is asked to not show up at the Assessment Centre asking to be solely tested for COVID-19. Testing is restricted to patients who meet government screening criteria.

The Assessment Centre will be staffed by SMH nurses and physicians, along with primary care physicians from the Alliston Family Health Team.

Patients arriving at the Assessment Centre will be asked to complete a self-assessment form.  Depending on symptoms, a nurse will determine if they should proceed for further assessment and testing or return home to self-monitor.  If it is determined upon further assessment that criteria for testing are met, a swab will be taken and sent for testing.  All patients will be provided with information and instructions on self-monitoring or isolation.

Patients requiring emergency care, care in the Obstetrics Unit or have other health care needs, should continue to come to the main entrance of SMH and will be screened in the OPP Community Safety trailer before entering the Hospital.

Visitors are not permitted at this time. This excludes the Obstetrics Unit, where labour and delivery patients are able to have one support person 24/7 (must be the same person that stays - no additional visitors). Only pediatric patients can have a parent/visitor with them. Any visitors that are deemed an essential support will be assessed on a case by case basis. No other individuals/visitors are allowed in the Hospital.

“I know these are challenging times for all, and I thank the community for their patience and cooperation,” says Levac. “The safety of our facility, staff, patients and visitors is of the utmost importance and we are working extremely diligently to ensure SMH is a safe place, and remains that way.”

County of Simcoe

County news release - March 26 2020 - County of Simcoe to reopen select landfills and transfer stations to the public for essential use 

Mulch & Compost Program - Information on the County of Simcoe’s Mulch & Compost Program is not available at this time and will not be available until the end of April, at the earliest. The County will update New Tecumseth & residents on the Program when details are available. Residents can call the County of Simcoe toll free at 1-866-893-9300 for further inquiries. 

 Additional information sources
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit 

Public Health Agency of Canada

Risk level for Canadians, Current situation, Travel advisories

Ontario Ministry of Health
Ontario news, Status of cases in Ontario – updated at 10:30 a.m. daily

World Health Organization
Technical documents, Questions and answers