2024 Community Grant Program - CLOSED

The 2024 Community Grant Program will open on December 1, 2023.  Please note that all grant opportunities are contingent on the allocation of funding as part of the town’s budget process. The total funding available for grants will be determined annually through the budget process.

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Community Grant Policy

Is your organization eligible for the Community Grant Program?  It is very important to review the Community Grant Program Policy before filling out an application.

Important Information:

  • All information submitted is public and will be published on the Town Website in a Council Meeting Agenda.
  • Community Grant Program Timelines



December 1

Start of Grant Application Intake Period

February 29 by 4:30pm

Deadline to receive Grant Applications


Grant Review Committee Review Period

2nd Committee of the Whole in April

Council consideration of grant applications

1st Council Meeting in May

Council approval of Grant Application recommendations

 Priority will be given to eligible groups that submit:

  • complete grant applications on the approved application form.
  • relevant supporting documents.
  • by the February 29 deadline.  

Community Grant Program Categories 

  1.  Community Grant Application

Community Grants assist organizations who provide beneficial, core services to the community that are not provided by the Town.  

Funds provided in this category will include requests:

  • For initial start-up funding, equipment, material and supplies purchases.
  • To offset Town established user fees. 

Apply in this category if your group is requesting a fee waiver to:

  • Rent Town space.
  • Rent Town equipment/supplies. e.g. tables & chairs
  • Use in-kind services.

Maximum eligible grant amount: $2,000.00. 

     2. Community Events Grant Application

Community Event Grants assist organizations who deliver community celebrations, festivals, and special events that Council considers to be core services to the community.

This category does not include:

  • Fundraising events
  • Events which raise funds for another organization
  • Events hosted by the private sector or individuals 

Maximum eligible grant amount: $2,000.00.

     3. Community Arts, Culture and Tourism Grant Application

Community Arts, Culture and Tourism Grants support:

  • Organizations promoting opportunities in artistic expression and cultural endeavours for people of all ages, through education and participation.
  • Tourism and development activities.
  • The operation of significant cultural facilities providing core services to the community.                                                                      

 Maximum eligible grant amount: $25,000.00.