We enforce various parking restrictions within the Town that residents must abide by. View the Town's Parking and Traffic By-law for complete information.

Five-hour limits

There is a five-hour parking limit restriction within the Town. For zones where parking is restricted to less than five hours, please follow the allotted time limits.

If you park in a prohibited area or do not follow the assigned time limits, you will be subject to fines and/or the vehicle may be towed.

Winter parking restrictions

View our winter parking restrictions within the Town.

Unassumed roads

Developers of new subdivisions may post unassumed road signs in new subdivisions. The developer is responsible for road and sidewalk maintenance until the municipality assumes them when completed.

However, all services and by-laws still apply to the subdivision and are subject to enforcement by police and municipal law enforcement officers.

Paying parking tickets

Find out how to pay a parking ticket.