Property Taxes and Payment FAQs

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Property Tax General FAQs

 Where do my Property Taxes go?

Property taxes are levied and collected by the Town of New Tecumseth in order for the Town of New Tecumseth, the County of Simcoe and all School Boards to deliver services to property owners within the municipality.

 Does the Town of New Tecumseth issue property assessments?

The Town of New Tecumseth does not determine property value assessments. Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) administers a uniform, province-wide property assessment system which determines current value and classifications for all properties in Ontario. The authority to do so is in accordance with the provisions of the Assessment Act.

Property assessments are updated by MPAC every four years. Assessment increases are phased-in over the four year period. Decreases in assessment are implemented immediately.

The current four year period covers 2017-2021 with an assessment valuation date of January 1, 2016.

 How are my Property Taxes Calculated?

Property taxes are calculated for your property by multiplying your current year phased in assessment value by the applicable property tax rate. For a detailed explanation of the process, please visit the MPAC website and watch the video on Property Assessment and Taxation. (

 What are the 2022 Tax Rates?

The 2022 tax rates were passed by Council on May 30th, 2022.  


Property Class

Total Tax Rate
Residential 0.960608%
Multi-Residential 0.960608%
Commercial Occupied 1.867139%
Commercial Vacant 1.867139%
Industrial Occupied 1.843072%
Industrial Vacant 1.843072%
Farmland 0.240152%

Sample Tax Calculation

For example, a Residential Property Valued or “Assessed” at $100,000 multiplied by the Residential Tax Rate of 0.960608% yields a Residential Tax Total of $960.61 which is broken down as follows:

Town Taxes    $ 528.33 (55%)
County Taxes    $ 278.58 (29%)
Education Taxes    $ 153.70 (16%)
Total $ 960.61

Note that 45% of your taxes is routed to the County and School Boards for services that the Town is not responsible for. 

 What can I do if I disagree with my Property Assessment?

If you believe your property assessment is incorrect in comparison to similar properties in your area, you have the option to submit a Request for Reconsideration (RFR) through MPAC. MPAC will review your assessment free of charge. The deadline to submit a Request for Reconsideration is March 31st of that tax year.

Property owners are encouraged to visit to view a profile of their property and learn more about how their property was assessed. Also available are video tutorials to explain How MPAC Assesses Property and the Reconsideration Process.

For further information and detail about the recent re-assessment, property assessment valuation and appeal options, please visit MPAC's main website at

 How Do I get a statement of my Property Tax Account?

You can get a statement of you tax account by emailing Be sure to include your name (as it appears on the tax bill), the property address or roll number.

The Town of New Tecumseth is currently working on an initiative called Virtual Town Hall that will help residents access information related to their property tax and utility accounts in a convenient and secure manner. More information will follow soon!

 How do I request a Tax Certificate?

A Tax Certificate can be ordered by submitting your request in writing along with a cheque for $56.00. A rushed Tax Certificate is charged at $106.00 and will be completed within 24 hours upon receiving the request and payment in office. If you are dropping off your certificate request to office at 10 Wellington St East in Alliston, you may pay by cash, credit card or debit. For written requests sent by mail, payment is by cheque only.

Please ensure to identify the property by including the property location and/or address, legal description and assessment roll number as applicable. If this information is not available, it may be obtained from either the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation or by phone 1-866- 296-MPAC (6722) or by contacting our office.

Incomplete requests may be returned for further information.

For mailed or dropped off requests, Tax Certificates will be mailed to the return address as provided with the request unless pick up is arranged.

How do I change my mailing address?
Changing your mailing address for your property taxes is easy! Please complete and sign our Address Change Request form and return to our office, either by mail, in person, or via email to Your address will be updated upon receipt.
 I have bought a newly built house, when can I expect a property tax bill?

If you just bought a new house and have not received an Interim or Final Tax bill in February or June, your property may not be on the annual assessment roll yet. What will occur is that at a later date (possibly a year after you take possession of the property), the Town will issue a supplementary tax bill.

After you take possession of your property, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) will assess your property and issue a Notice of Assessment. This notice will advise you of the assessed value of your property, which will be used by the Town of New Tecumseth to determine the amount of property taxes.

When the Town receives the assessment information from your Notice of Assessment, a supplementary tax bill will be issued from the date you took possession of the house from the builder to the end of the year (December 31st). If you purchased the house in the previous year, you will receive two supplementary tax bills, one for the previous year and one for the current year.

If you are trying to budget and prepare for when the supplementary tax bills are issued, you can estimate the amount of the bills as follows;

Your Purchase Price x the Latest Residential Total Tax Rate

Please note: This will be an estimate only. Your assessed value may not necessarily be the price you paid. If you have lived in the house for less than a full year, the amount should be adjusted accordingly. The Town of New Tecumseth Tax Specialists are available to assist you with this estimate.

Property Tax Payment FAQs

 When are my property tax bills issued and when are they due?


The Interim tax bills are mailed out the first week of February. Your Interim bill equals 50 per cent of your previous year's taxes and is adjusted for any supplementary taxes or cancellations done for a portion of the year.

The due dates for all Interim bills are: 

  • First Installment – Due the last business day of February
  • Second Installment – Due the last business day of April


The final tax bill is calculated by multiplying your current year phased-in assessment value by the current year property tax rate, less the amount from the Interim Billing.

  • The 2022 Residential and Farmland Final Tax Bills will be issued the first week of June. The first installment will be due June 30th, 2022 and the second installment will be due September 30th, 2022.      
  • The 2022 Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Residential and Mixed Assessment Final Tax Bills will be issued the first week of July. The first installment will be due August 31st, 2022 and the second installment will be due October 31st, 2022.


 How do I sign up for eBilling?

Signing up for eBilling is easy! You can either call our office at (705) 435-3900, or send an email to stating your name, property address, and preferred email address and we will set you up.

If you have requested to sign up for eBilling but have not received a bill in the billing month, simply call or email us as we may have an incorrect email on file. Often the first bill we send via email can end up in either your spam or junk box, please check there prior to contacting our office.

 What forms of payment do you accept?

The Town of New Tecumseth offers numerous ways to pay your tax bills. 

Time Saving Measures

  • Residents can also sign up for a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan by filling out our Pre-Authorization Plan Form and submitting it to our office accompanied by a blank void cheque or pre-authorized debit information from your bank. There are three types of Pre-Authorized Payment Plans offered by the Town.

    • Monthly - For Properties NOT in arrears

      • 10 payments withdrawn from your bank account automatically on the 15th of the month from January through October. The first 5 payments are based on the Interim billing and the final 5 payments are recalculated based on the amount of the final billing. This plan is Not subject to penalties

    • Due Date – For Properties NOT in arrears. Payments withdrawn on the due dates and based on the installment amount.

    • Arrears – For properties that have arrears. 

      • 12 Payments withdrawn on the 15th of each month based on an agreed amount between the property owner and the Town. Balances are subject to monthly penalty.

  • Set up the Town of New Tecumseth Property Taxes as a payee through your online or mobile banking. Payments can be made by entering your Roll Number. Please note, when entering your Roll Number, use all 15 digits of your roll number, no spaces or dashes (i.e. 010-001-12345-0000 must be entered as 010001123450000). Also note that payments made through online or mobile banking can take 3-5 business days for the Bank to process. To avoid interest charges, you should make your payment a few days in advance of the due date to ensure the Town receives funds by the due date.

  • Pay at your Bank by bringing your bill to your banking institution and requesting a direct payment. If you hold multiple accounts, please verify the payment is applied to the correct account. On occasions, residents have accidently applied payments to their water and wastewater utility accounts.

  • Credit card payments are not accepted directly by the Town of New Tecumseth, however, Property Taxes and Utility bills can be paid online by credit card using third-party online bill payment service providers, such as Plastiq. These service providers may charge additional service fees, and restrictions on which types of accepted credit cards may apply. The Town of New Tecumseth receives only the amount inputted, not any additional fees added by the provider(s). Payments made through a service provider can take 3-5 business days to be received and then processed by the Town. The Town must receive all payments on the specified due date to avoid penalties and interest charges. This service is used at the resident’s discretion and the Town is not liable or responsible for any disputes or issues arising from the use of third-party online bill payment services. Please refer to the third-party’s website for terms and conditions of their service, charges, and payment processing times.

Other Payment Options

  • The Town Administrative Office located at 10 Wellington Street East in Alliston is open to the public. Payment can be made in office by cash, debit, or cheque.

  • Post dated cheques can also be given in advance of the due date. Please ensure either the roll number is recorded correctly on the cheque, or the tearaway portion of your bill is securely attached to insure payment to the proper account. 

  • There are 3 secure drop boxes located within the Town of New Tecumseth where you can drop off payment in the form of cheques only. DO NOT PUT CASH INTO THE DROP BOX.

    • Town Administrative office located at 10 Wellington Street East in Alliston.

    • Tottenham Recreational Centre located at 139 Queen Street North 

    • Joint Operations Centre located at 6558 8th Line in Beeton.

Can I cancel my Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?
Please complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation form and submit it to to cancel your pre-authorized payment plan. Please be advised that once removed from the plan, you will be required to make payments either online, at our office, or at the bank. If you wish to re-enroll into the plan, you will be required to have all arrears paid, and contact the Town to reapply. 
 Is there a late fee if I don't pay on time?

A penalty of 1.25% of the outstanding property tax balance will accumulate on your tax roll the first day of each month. The Town of New Tecumseth does not charge penalty on penalty (compound interest). 

 When can I sign up for Preauthorized Payments?

You can sign up for preauthorized payments anytime through out the year. If you do sign up for preauthorized payments after January 15th, be sure to speak with one of our Tax Revenue Specialists regarding the amounts to be withdrawn. 

 Why was my utility bill transferred to my property taxes?

If your utility bill goes more than 60 days unpaid, the balance owing on your account can be transferred onto your property taxes as per By-Law #2021-099. This transfer will be accompanied by a $30.50 Administrative Fee and will incur interest of 1.25% of the total outstanding balance the first day of each month.

 Why did I receive a reminder notice?

Tax reminder notices are issued two weeks after the first installment due date for each issued bill if the installment payment has not been paid in full by the due date. Tax reminder notices are issued in March and July for both residential and commercial, in October for residential, and in November for commercial. 

 I paid my bill on time, but I got charged late penalties.

It is the Town of New Tecumseth’s policy to impose a penalty if payment is not received by the specified due date. If you paid your bill via mobile banking, online, or at your bank on the day in which the amount was due, there is no guarantee that we received the payment that day as there is usually a 3-5 business day processing period, which means we would have received it late.

If you make your payment at your bank, please ensure the payment was applied to your property tax account and not mistakenly against your utility account.

My Mortgage Company is paying the property taxes on my behalf, why
did I get a tax bill?

The Town of New Tecumseth sends copies of the Interim and Final Tax Bills to property owners, regardless if a mortgage company is paying them or not. When you receive the bill it will state “Do Not Pay - Paid by Mortgage Company”, along with name of your mortgage company. The Town will notify your mortgage company of the amounts that need to be paid.

If you do receive a tax bill and your mortgage company is not identified on the bill, contact your mortgage company. In turn, your mortgage company will contact the Town and request their interest to be added to the property.