Track your Plow

The Track Your Snow Plow Service is currently unavailable as we are experiencing technical difficulties. We are working with our AVL provider to correct the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Our "Track Your Plow" web application provides New Tecumseth residents with information during a winter event.  The map will show an image of a plow at its latest location where it is actively deployed and is plowing or spreading material.

The map also shows by default the maintenance activity as either a Green trail (cleared within the last 8 hours), Yellow (cleared within the last 8-16 hours) and Orange (cleared within the last 16-24 hours).

This "Track Your Snow Plow" service is available 24/7 and updated automatically to provide resident with up-to-date information.

A search address feature is also available, an address may be entered and the map will zoom to a specific location.