Water and Wastewater

Our Public Works department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Town's water and wastewater services.

Our Water Division handles all matters related to:

  • Water meters
  • Water distribution systems and reservoirs
  • Pumping stations
  • Water sampling
  • Water shut-offs
  • Water-main breaks
  • Service locate requests
  • Drinking water reports and policies
  • Flushing and swabbing of water distribution systems

Our Wastewater Division handles all matters related to:

Wastewater reports and policies

Paying your water bill

Learn how to pay your water bill with the Town of New Tecumseth

Wastewater Operational Plan

Wastewater Operational Plan

Wastewater QMS Policy 

Drinking water and water quality

Discover more information about the Town of New Tecumseth's drinking water and annual reports, and learn what to do when your drinking water quality may be poor.

Water and wastewater user rates

One-Time Activation Fee

We charge a one-time activation fee of $37.50 to all new water accounts. Please note for landlords that each time the account goes back into your name following a tenant leaving, this fee will apply to your new account. We do not keep continuous accounts for landlords.

Final Reading Fee

We charge a Final Reading fee of $86.00 when a utility account is closed. This charge will be billed on your final utility bill. Please note for landlords that each time a new tenant moves into your property and the account is to be transferred into the tenants name, that the owner will be charged a final reading fee when a request is made to change the account. 

Water rates (metered services)

  • Each metered service is billed as a separate customer. The metered rates per billing period are as follows:
    • All volumes at a rate of $2.22/cubic metre
    • Industrial block users that use over 30,000 cubic metres per year pay a water charge of $1.63/cubic metre
    • Baxter Corporation pays a water charge of $1.22/cubic metre

Wastewater rates (metered services)

Each metered wastewater service and each sewage flow meter is billed as a separate customer. The metered rates per billing period are as follows:

  • All volumes at a rate of $2.22/cubic metre
  • Baxter Corporation pays a sewage service charge of $2.22/cubic metre based on the previously agreed-upon estimated bi-monthly sewage of 17,302 cubic metres to go to $2.22/cubic metre based on actual sewage flows when they install a sewage flow meter, billed monthly
  • Simcoe Manor pays a flat rate bi-monthly sewage service charge for the number of equivalent households their operation represents (158 residents ▪ 3.2 per household = 50) being 50 x rate per household = bi-monthly rate. An amount of one-half of the total bi-monthly rate will be billed monthly
  • Non-metred customers pay a sewage charge of $63.96 per billing period

Water and wastewater maintenance fees

The following fees are effective April 1, 2021.

Sanitary sewer locate:

  • One-time account activation: $37.50
  • Investigation, location and clearing blockage: $168.00/hour (minimum 3 hours)
  • Camera inspection: $168.00/hour (minimum 3 hours)
  • Water/sewer service connection installation: $128.00
  • Tenant water service agreement: $150.00 plus deposit
  • Service charge for final notice for payment of unpaid water account: $30.25 plus HST

Service charge for reconnection of service

  • During normal working hours: $84.00
  • Outside of normal working hours: $115.00
  • Septage receiving rate: $18.50/cubic meter
  • Water meter re-inspection: $84.00

Ontario One Call (call before you dig)

Before you dig on any property in the Town of New Tecumseth, call Ontario One Call (call before you dig) at 1-800-400-2255 to locate underground pipes or utility lines that may interfere with your dig.

Misleading door-to-door sales

We have received inquiries from residents regarding door-to-door sales for things like water filters and water heaters. These salespeople may try to get inside your home to conduct water sampling or water meter tests in order to sell their equipment.

If we decide to visit your home, we will have proper identification and typically use an official Town vehicle. We do not sell or endorse water equipment.

If you suspect someone is impersonating a Town official, please call the police at 1-888-310-1122 and report your experience.

View our notice to residents regarding misleading door-to-door sales.