Urban Design Guidelines Review

The Town is undertaking a review of their Urban Design Guidelines. The Town is set to grow over the next few decades and ensuring that we have the right urban design guidelines in place to develop healthy complete communities is paramount. We are looking for your feedback on how we can design our communities better to meet the needs of all residents despite age or ability.

The first Public Information Session will be held on Thursday, December 8th at the Tottenham Community Centre.

We would also love to hear what you like or don’t like about the urban design in our communities or urban design in general. Please submit your stories and pictures to the Urban Design team.

Submissions may be featured on the project website, postings can be anonymous if you choose!

Stay tuned for more exciting engagement opportunities coming soon. For project updates, please subscribe to our mailing list. Please send your interest to the Urban Design team

For more information about the Public Information Session and the project, please visit www.newtecumseth.ca/urbandesign or email us.