Beeton Heritage Conservation District Study

The Town of New Tecumseth has launched a Heritage Conservation District Study for Downtown Beeton. The study evaluates the heritage value of properties and sees if designation of a Heritage Conservation District (HCD) is possible. A HCD is a geographical area within a municipality that is protected under a bylaw. This ensures that its existing heritage character is conserved as development takes place.

Please note that the current study phase does not lead to the designation of a Heritage Conservation District. It sees if the area is eligible for proposal.

HCD designation allows the municipal Council to manage future changes in an area. This is done through conservation policies.

Assessment of HCD designations has many benefits:

  • adds to a community's special character;
  • increased tourism;
  • economic success and stability for local businesses; and
  • higher property value.

Proposed boundary for the Beeton Heritage Conservation District

satellite picture of Boundary Analysis For Beeton Heritage conservation district

map of Boundary Analysis For Beeton Heritage conservation district

To view the complete study please click here.

The Heritage Study Process

To carry out the Study, the Town has retained Archeological Services Inc.(ASI) and SGL Planning and Design. The main tasks are:


Reviewing land use policy and historical research to gain an understanding of the various events that have shaped the area.


Interviewing property owner groups to discuss concerns relating to conservation objectives and change in the study area.


Facilitating public workshops that collect input on the key events, locations, sites and resources that are important to the community. You can find notices for the workshops in the Alliston Herald and New Tecumseth Times. We previously held a workshop in April 2018, which provided updates relating to the property owner interviews and overall process.

Character Analysis and Evaluation

Conducting a Character Analysis of the study area to see if it functions as a whole. If the area is declared a district, a boundary of the HCD will be proposed. The boundary will be decided based on factors such as:

  • historical factors
  • visual factors
  • physical features
  • legal factors

How do Heritage Conservation Districts affect you?

Learn how a HCD affects your property.

Routine maintenance

You don't require a heritage review if you are simply painting or making interior alterations. Some exterior changes will require a permit. We will be developing guidelines with stakeholders to guide property owners.


Our goal is to maintain the heritage features of each property. You will advise on how to restore your property.


The Heritage Conservation District (HCD) will not affect your insurance premium. Other factors such as outdated wiring and old heating systems are more likely to increase your premium.

Value of your property

The value of your property will not decrease as properties within a HCD have a better value compared to other properties.

Change and development of your area

Your district will also go through new changes and the municipality will process these.

Other Heritage Conservation Districts in Ontario

There are 125 Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) in Ontario and over 45 Ontario municipalities have at least one HCD. The first HCD was designated in 1980 in Meadowvale Village (now part of Mississauga).

Examples of towns with HCDs in their downtowns:

  • Orangeville
  • Cookstown
  • Collingwood
  • Newmarket
  • Meaford
  • Port Perry