Local History

The Town of New Tecumseth was formed in 1991 and includes the former municipalities of the Town of Alliston, Villages of Beeton and Tottenham, and Tecumseth Township. The name Tecumseth comes from a famous Shawnee Indian Chief, Tecumseh. He died for the British cause in 1813. The name Tecumseth, was given to the township on April 14, 1821. Our first town hall was built in 1858.

Village of Beeton

The Village of Beeton was known for its large scale manufacturing. This included honey production, lumber, flour making, wool, and knitting mills. Robert Clark started the first production centre as a blacksmith in 1856.

Village of Tottenham

The name Tottenham originates from two different places. The first is from the Totten's, a pioneer family. The other is from a man named Halladay who was the first postmaster and named the village after Tottenham Court Road in England around 1850.

The area witnessed the introduction of railways in 1877. By 1884, there were quite a few industries such as a foundry.

Town of Alliston

The Town of Alliston was formed in 1847 when William Fletcher built the first building. He also founded the first industry with his saw mill in 1848.

The population had greatly expanded by 1874. The first council took charge in January, 1875 with Reeve George Fletcher. Railways were introduced in 1878 and by 1892 waterworks were installed to prevent the spread of fires.

Sir Fredrick Banting opened the Memorial Library after his discovery of insulin on February 14, 1924.