The Alliston Rotary Pool  is scheduled to open on July 1st, 2023.

The Town of New Tecumseth has an Aquatic Wheelchair onsite at the Alliston Rotary Pool. To reserve use of the chair please speak to a Lifeguard on duty upon arriving at the pool. 

Admission Fees 

Admission Fees 

To enter the pool area, every person must register in advance or pay the respective fee below at the gate.



(0-4 years)


(5-17 years)





Family (maximum 2 adults, 3 children)

Single swim






 Public Swim Passes 

You can purchase a swim pass for access to public swim times at the Alliston Outdoor Rotary Pool. 

You must purchase a swim pass at the Alliston/New Tecumseth Recreation Centre or Tottenham Community & Fitness Centre. All family members must be present for photos to be taken for membership cards. 

Pass Type 

Fee (plus HST)

Individual swim pass 


Family pass - maximum of 2 adults, 3 children or a combination of 1 adult, 4 children


Additional Family Member 


Admission Guidelines
 View admission guidelines before  planning your visit. 
 Rules and Regulations 

Please follow our rules and regulations:

  • Obey the lifeguard at all times.
  • Arrive early as entry is first come first serve and pre-determined capacities must be maintained.  
  • Please adhere to all rules and regulations in place when visiting our facilities.
  • We may close the pool at any time for safety reasons.
  • Please do not bring any floating devices or toys.
  • We will not issue refunds if the pool if closed due to inclement weather. Please review weather conditions prior to entering the pool. 
  • You must form a line when the pool reaches maximum capacity.
  • In the event of a pool fouling or mechanical issue, a complimentary pass may be provided as determined by staff onsite. 


Children 9 years and under who pass the facility swim test must be supervised by an adult who is 14 years or older, pays the daily admission fee, and remains within the pool enclosure dressed in swim wear. 

Supervision Required by Age


Supervision Required


5 years and under

1 adult

Maximum 2 children within arm's reach

12 years and under

1 adult

Maximum of 2 non-swimmers within arm's reach

6 to 12 years

1 adult

Maximum of 6 non-swimmers all in Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's)

Swim Tests

We require a Facility Swim Test run by a Lifeguard for anyone who is 12 years and under.

A Swim Test consists of:

  • Swimming continuously for 15 metres
  • Treading water for one minute

Lifeguards run Swim Tests during public swim times. They will provide a red or green wristband to everyone who completes the Test. Individuals who are 10 years and older receive the regular admission bracelet.

Demonstrating your swimming skills

A lifeguard can ask you to demonstrate your swimming skills for safety reasons at any time. 

Camps and Large Groups 

All Day Camps and groups of 15 or more swimmers must notify the pool in advance. Please contact the Recreation Programmer – Fitness and Aquatics in advance by calling 705 435 3900 option 2.

Swim Schedule 

Explore the daily activities that are offered at the pool.

The Alliston Rotary Pool is scheduled to open on July 1st, 2023. The 2023 public swim schedule is coming soon.
Parent and Tot Swim
Parent and Tot Swim is for adults and children to enjoy together. We invite all caregivers and children to try this quieter swim time. Pre-registration is required prior to arrival. 
Public Swim
Public Swim is an ideal time for people of all ages and abilities, whether you are an advanced swimmer or new to the aquatic world, to enjoy our pool. Pre-registration is required prior to arrival. 

Swimming Lessons

As the Canadian Red Cross is winding down its swim and lifeguarding programming to focus on surging humanitarian demands in other areas, the Town of New Tecumseth has partnered with the Lifesaving Society of Canada to offer swim programs. 

The Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life® Program makes sure your kids are Water Smart® before they get in too deep. You’re never too young to start, and never too old to learn. 

With this new change it is critical to register in the proper level to ensure success. Please see the following information to learn more about the transition and which level to register your participant in. If unsure, please have your child’s skills tested to determine their appropriate swim level. Lifeguards can assist with swim tests during public swim times and would be happy to provide suggestions. 

By pre-registering today for swim lessons it will ensure you or your child learn the skills necessary to stay safe in the water while having fun and staying fit.

Swim Lesson Registration 

You can register online and view our available swimming lessons and programs. Registration for swimming lessons opens on May 2nd, 2023 at 7:00am. 

Private Swim Lessons
Private swim lessons will be available for registration along with group registrations. 
Swim Lesson Conversion Chart 
Please refer to the swim lesson conversion chart to identify which level you should register your child in for the next swim lesson session.
Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Program
Now offering the Lifesaving Swim for Life Program
Lifesaving Society Swim for Life® Lesson Descriptions
Parent and Tot 4 months to 36 months 
Parent and Tot 1
Designed for the 4 to 12-month-old to learn to enjoy the water with the parent/caregiver. Parent/caregiver is required to be in the water with the child.
Parent and Tot 2
Designed for the 12 to 24-month-old to learn to enjoy the water with the parent/caregiver. Parent/caregiver is required to be in the water with the child..
Parent and Tot 3
Designed for the 2 to 3-year-old to learn to enjoy the water with the parent/caregiver. Parent/caregiver is required to be in the water with the child..


Preschool 3 to 5 years 
Preschool 1

We encourage the parent to participate until their child lets them know they can do it themselves. These preschoolers will have fun learning to get in and out of the water. We’ll help them jump into chest deep water. They’ll float and glide on their front and back and learn to get their faces wet and blow bubbles underwater.

Preschool 2
These preschoolers learn to jump into chest- deep water by themselves and get in and get out wearing a life jacket. They’ll submerge and exhale underwater. Wearing a life jacket, they’ll glide on their front and back.
Preschool 3
These preschoolers will try both jumping and a sideways entry into deep water while wearing a life jacket. They’ll recover objects from the bottom in waist-deep water. They’ll work on kicking and gliding through the water on their front and back.
Preschool 4
Advanced preschoolers will learn to do solo jumps into deeper water and get out by themselves. They’ll do sideways entries and open their eyes underwater. They’ll master a short swim on their front wearing a life jacket and gliding and kicking on their side.
Preschool 5
These preschoolers get more adventuresome with a forward roll entry wearing a life jacket and treading water for 10sec. They’ll work on front and back crawl swims for 5 m, interval training and get a giggle out of whip kick.
School Aged 6 to 12 years 
Swimmer 1
These beginners will become comfortable jumping into water with and without a life jacket. They’ll learn to open their eyes, exhale and hold their breath underwater. They’ll work on floats, glides and kicking through the water on their front and back.
Swimmer 2 
These advanced beginners will jump into deeper water and learn to be comfortable falling sideways into the water wearing a life jacket. They’ll be able to support themselves at the surface without an aid, learn whip kick, swim 10m on their front and back, and be introduced to flutter kick interval training (4 x5m).
Swimmer 3
These junior swimmers will dive and do in-waterfront somersaults and handstands. They’ll work on 15m of front crawl, back crawl, and 10 m of whip kick. Flutter kick interval training increases to 4 x15m.
Swimmer 4
These intermediate swimmers will swim 5m underwater and lengths of front, back crawl, whip kick, and breaststroke arms with breathing. Their new bag of tricks includes the completion of the Canadian Swim to Survive® Standard. They’ll cap it all off with front crawl sprints over 25m and 4 x 25 m front or back crawl interval training.
Swimmer 5 
These swimmers will master shallow dives, cannonball entries, eggbeater kicks, and in-water backward somersaults. They’ll refine their front and back crawl over 50m swims of each, and breaststroke over 25m. Then they’ll pick up the pace in 25m sprints and two interval training bouts: 4 x 50 m front or back crawl; and 4 x 15 m breaststroke.
Swimmer 6
These advanced swimmers will rise to the challenge of sophisticated aquatic skills including stride entries, compact jumps and lifesaving kicks like eggbeater and scissor kick. They’ll develop strength and power in head-up breaststroke sprints over 25m. They’ll easily swim lengths of front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke.