The Alliston Rotary Pool is open from Canada Day to Labour Day weekend annually. View our swim schedule for more information about available swims, days and times.

Registering to a program

Learn how you can register online and view our available swimming lessons and programs. Unsure which lesson to register in, please use the lesson descriptions to help. 

Admission guidelines

You will get a Daily Admission Bracelet when entering the pool during your swim time. With this bracelet, you can enter and leave the pool during the designated swim time for short periods of time (except if the pool is at capacity).

Our Daily Admission Fees apply. Family and Inclusive swim are not included in the fee for Open Swim.


Children 9 years and under who pass the facility swim test must be supervised by an adult who is 14 years or older, pays the daily admission fee, and remains within the pool enclosure dressed in swim wear.

Supervision required by age


Supervision required


5 years and under

1 adult

Maximum 2 children within arm's reach

12 years and under

1 adult

Maximum of 2 non-swimmers within arm's reach

6 to 12 years

1 adult

Maximum of 6 non-swimmers all in Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's)

Swim tests

We require a Facility Swim Test run by a Lifeguard for anyone who is 12 years and under.

A Swim Test consists of:

  • Swimming continuously for 15 metres
  • Treading water for one minute

Lifeguards run Swim Tests during open swim times. They will provide a red or green wristband to everyone who completes the Test. Individuals who are 10 years and older receive the regular admission bracelet.

Demonstrating your swimming skills

A lifeguard can ask you to demonstrate your swimming skills for safety reasons at any time. If there is any concern, the Head Guard or Assistant Lifeguard is there to assist.

Camps and large groups

All Day Camps and groups of 15 or more must book with us [contact: Recreation Programmer – Fitness and Aquatics] in advance, or call 705-435-4030 ext. 1628 to reserve the day and time of your visit. The maximum number of large groups booked per time frame is 10, no exceptions.


Daily activities

Explore the daily activities that we run at the pool:

Inclusive Swim

The Inclusive Swim is for anyone with accessibility or special needs who may struggle with the volume of an Open Swim. We invite you to enjoy a quieter pool environment and caregivers are welcome too!

Family Swim
Family Swim is for adults and children to enjoy together. We invite all caregivers and children to try this quieter swim time.
Camp Swim

There is no public access during Camp Swim. This swim is designed for our day camps.

Want to join?

We invite any outside camp groups to contact us, or call at 705-435-4030 ext. 1628, if you're interested in joining our Camp Swim.

Open Swim

Open Swim is an ideal time for people of all ages and abilities, whether you are an advanced swimmer or new to the aquatic world, to enjoy our pool.


Aquafit is an excellent water workout to help develop your cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, while providing multiple benefits toward helping you achieve greater overall health. Work at your own pace and ability level as part of the group.

Fitness Lane Swim

During our Fitness Lane Swim, we divide the deep end of the pool into lanes. Benefit from a structured environment while you concentrate on your strokes.