The Beeton Heritage Conservation District Plan

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Following Council approval of the Beeton Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study in June 2018, which examined the heritage significance of the properties within a defined area of Downtown Beeton, the Town of New Tecumseth retained Fotenn Planning + Design, in collaboration with Archaeological Services Inc. (ASI) and Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd. Architects (GBCA) to undertake the second phase of the project and complete a HCD Plan. The purpose of this HCD Plan is to develop appropriate guidelines in collaboration with property owners and the public to ensure that Downtown Beeton’s historic character is maintained and celebrated as the Town continues to grow.

To read the Heritage Conservation District Study click here.

HCD Boundary

The proposed boundary of the HCD is a result of the information collected and analyzed as part of the Beeton HCD Study phase, including the community consultation process. Lands within the recommended boundary are centered on the historical and present day commercial core of Beeton and are comprised of transitional but cohesive mixed-use areas featuring a range of residential, institutional, and commercial properties on Main Street and Centre Street.  The HCD boundary was determined using criteria and definitions outlined by the Province of Ontario.


Building on extensive staff, project Steering Committee and public consultation process, the project will be completed in the following steps:

 Step I

Background Research and Analysis / Inventory of Contributing Vs. Non-Contributing Properties

The Consulting Team will assess the architectural, historical and contextual character of the properties located within the recommended HCD boundary to formally identify properties contributing to the heritage character of the HCD and categorize the buildings and properties within the HCD into contributing and non-contributing properties.

 Step II

Draft Heritage Conservation District Plan

The Draft HCD Plan will provide a thorough examination of the findings of Step 1 and the following:

 District Objectives, Policies and Guidelines

The Consulting Team will develop draft policies and guidelines that outline a number of approaches to ensure the unique heritage character of the HCD will be enhanced and the historic identity of Downtown Beeton will be maintained. These policies and guidelines will address potential alternatives to contributing and non-contributing properties, new developments and infill, as well as streetscapes and cultural landscapes.

 Amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law

To support and implement the Policies and Guidelines of the HCD Plan, the Consulting Team will propose required changes and amendments to the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law in order to strengthen the regulatory controls for conservation of heritage attributes of the HCD.

Implementation Recommendations

The Consulting Team will develop and recommend a series of implementation options and directions to implement the HCD Plan and supporting guidelines and policies.

 Step III

Final Heritage Conservation District Plan

The Consulting Team will revise the Draft HCD Plan, as necessary, to address comments received during the project consultation sessions and meetings and will prepare the final HCD Plan to be presented to Council for final approval.


Step I of the Plan began in February (2019). The first public consultation will be held at the end of spring (2019) to present the findings of Step 1 to the public and to introduce initial approaches to preserve the heritage character of the HCD.

Step II of the Plan will be completed by the end of summer (2019).  The second public consultation will be held during Step 2 (early September) to present and receive feedback on the findings of the project to-date and the components of the Draft HCD Plan.

Step III of the Plan will be completed and the final HCD Plan will be presented to Council in fall (2019).

 If you have any questions please contact Heritage New Tecumseth by email.