Budget and Finances


Approved 2021 Budgets

The Town of New Tecumseth adopted its 2021 Budgets at its December 14th Council meeting.

The Approved 2021 Budgets reflects a net general levy of $38.2M resulting in a 2.16% levy increase. The Town’s Capital Levy dedicated to asset replacement increased the levy by an additional 0.5%.

Overall, the combined 2021 approved levy reflects a 2.66% increase, which translates to approximately $61 per year for a home valued $452,695. The Town’s portion of the average residential property tax bill is estimated at $2,353 or approximately 55% of the total property tax bill, with the balance redirected to Simcoe County and Education Boards. 

The Town’s budget is a balanced blend of providing community services, sustaining aging infrastructure, progressively managing growth, and dealing with the unprecedented requirements and financial pressures associated with COVID-19. This budget serves to address all the above.

Key Operating Highlights include:

  • Additional facility operators to combat Covid-19 ensuring a safe environment
  • Enhanced By-law resources
  • Fire suppression resources
  • Enhanced Community Improvement Plan (CIP) funding to support economic vitality
  • Cannabis Interim Control By-law Study
  • Increased investment in asset replacement reserves

The Town budget includes $27.8M in capital consisting of 68 projects, funded from a variety of sources. Significant 2021 capital works include:

  • Dayfoot Street reconstruction, $9.4M*
  • Town Hall additional funding, $2.5M
  • Fire Station 4 and Fire Station 3 expansion, $3.35M
  • Beattie Bridge Creek crossing, $2.6M 
  • Hillcrest Well & Pump St improvements, $905K* 
  • NTRC Arena flat roof replacement, $830K 
  • Faulkner Park construction, $700K 
  • 7th Line road improvements, $598K* 
  • Mill St. CPR crossing & works, $543K
  • Gravel road program, $500K 
  • Boyne River Trail West, $433K 
  • Development Application Tracking System, $117K 
  • Urban Design and Placemaking Guidelines, $100K

* Multi-year capital projects including future budget commitments

The Water and Wastewater budget approval results in a 4% increase to water and wastewater rates effective April 1, 2021. The impact of the proposed rate change for an average residential home using 200 cubic meters of water per year approximately $36.  The Town continues to provide one of the lowest Water and Wastewater rates in Simcoe County and comparable GTA municipalities.

Summary content and specific budget details are available within the Town’s Approved 2021 Budgets Document.

The Process

The Town of New Tecumseth presented the initial Draft 2021 budgets at the Committee of the Whole Working Session on November 9, 2020. At this full day meeting staff provided Corporate and Department Overviews to assist the Committee in their deliberation and budget adjustment recommendations. Discussion on the Budgets continued at the Public Input Session on November 10, 2020 and subsequent Committee of the Whole Working Session held on November 17, 2020. As a result of those meetings a Proposed 2021 Budget, reflecting recommended changes, was presented to the Committee of the Whole and subsequently approved at the following Council meeting.  



Enclosed for reference are presentations provided during the Budget Process. Please be aware content reflects information at that point in time and may differ from the content within the Approved 2021 Budget Document provided above.  

   • Corporate Overview Presentation - November 9, 2020

   • Department Summaries Presentation - November 9, 2020

   • Public Input Presentation Presentation - November 10, 2020

The Approved 2021 Budget incorporates Business Improvement Area Levies, supporting the following BIA budgets:


Past Budgets

Financial statements

Our yearly financial statements are available as well, which have financial information for the Town, Library and Business Improvement Associations.

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