Dayfoot Street Improvements Project

Project Updates and Notices

Notice of Monthly Construction - Spring & Summer 2024

Notice of Monthly Construction - December 2023

Notice of Monthly Construction - November 2023

Notice of Monthly Construction - October 2023

Notice of Monthly Construction - September 2023

Notice of Monthly Construction - August 2023

Notice of Monthly Construction - July 2023

Notice of Monthly Construction - June 2023 

Notice of Construction - Dayfoot Improvements

Road Closure Detour Plan

Notice of Tree Removal

Contractor intends to start with tree removals along Dayfoot Street. 

Refer to the Tree Removal Notice and Drawing below for more information.

Trees identified to be removed can be found under the Virtual Public Open House information below.

The coloured ribbon markings are as follows:

Red – tree on Town land to be removed,

Blue – tree on private property to be removed,

Orange – tree to be trimmed to prevent damage during construction.

Notice to Residents - Tree Removal

Dayfoot Phase 1 - Landscape Plan 


Project Progress and Construction Photos

The Beeton OPA31 Master Servicing Plan (MSP) adopted by Council in December 2010 identifies various recommendations for servicing solutions including stormwater management, water, wastewater, traffic and electrical distribution in support of development growth.

 Dayfoot Street was identified in the MSP to be reconstruction to an urbanized cross-section, including water and wastewater upgrades, from Main Street to Lilly Street.

 The primary scope of work for this project consists of upsizing the underground infrastructure (ie. watermain & sanitary sewers) along with urbanizing the road (new storm sewer, adding curb, sidewalk, bike lanes etc) in keeping with recommendations from various Town Studies such as the Beeton Master Servicing Plan, DC Background Study, Water Distribution and Storage Master Plan and the Multi Modal Active Transportation Master Plan.

The Dayfoot Street Urbanization is a growth-related project being funded primarily by Development Charges.
R.J. Burnside and Associates has been retained by the Town to undertake the design of the Dayfoot Street Urbanization project.

 Virtual Public Open House

The Town of New Tecumseth hosted a Virtual Public Open House (VPOH) for the reconstruction and urbanization work along Dayfoot Street and English Drive between Dayfoot St and Centre St in Beeton. The VPOH allowed all interested parties an opportunity to view the project information as well as to provide a platform for the project team to solicit comments from the public.

The VPOH took place from Monday, February 28 to Monday, March 14, 2022.

The VPOH presentation slides, and additional project information can be found below under Project Materials and Detail Design Drawings.

Project Materials

Notice of Virtual Project Open House

Video Presentation

PDF Slides of Presentation

  Detail Design Drawings

Dayfoot Phase 1 - Lilly to Kate Aitken

 Dayfoot Phase 2 - Kate Aitken to Prospect

 Dayfoot Phase 2 - Prospect to Main  

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the construction Work hours?


Work will take place between 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. In the event of extreme or emergency situations, Work may take place after hours and /or on weekends and only with the Town’s approval, however not anticipated.


What kind of inconveniences are expected during construction?


You may experience dust, noise and other inconveniences. Every effort will be made to reduce and mitigate the impacts.


Additionally, driveway access may be disrupted from time to time. As required, personnel on-site will coordinate any driveway disruptions/closures with residents to minimize the length of closure and to ensure alternate parking arrangements are made.

Any Residents that require special accommodations that could be adversely affected by driveway access interruptions are asked to contact the Town Liaison identified within this Notice as soon as possible.


Will our general garbage, yard waste and recycling service be disrupted during construction?


Please have your waste and recycle bins out at the end of your driveway prior to 7:00 am on your regularly scheduled pick up day. The Contractor will relocate the bins as necessary to enable the County’s solid waste contractors to gain access to them. We ask that you label your municipal address on all bins to assist us in returning them.


Will our mail delivery be disrupted during construction?


Mail delivery will continue throughout construction and the Contractor will coordinate any required mailbox relocations with Canada Post. If mailbox relocations are required, further notice will be provided to residents.


Will the school bus services be disrupted during construction?


The Contractor will coordinate the school bus arrangements with the County’s School Bus Consortium. If any adjustments to the route or pick up/drop off locations are required due to the construction, further notice will be provided.


Will my utilities be disrupted during construction?


Telephone, electrical, cable TV and gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Who do I call if I have a problem with the Construction activities?


For an immediate response, please contact the Town’s Liaison or the Towns Project Management Representative identified within this Notice.


Will any trees be cut during this construction?


Locations have been identified throughout the project and impacted property owners will be notified in advance of the work.

Other Important Information:

Building Pre-construction Survey

Prior to the start of construction, the Contractor will also be carrying out a pre-construction survey of the project area including structures within 50m of the Town’s right-of-way limits. This is to provide a record in the unlikely event that any damage occurs as a result of the construction activities. The survey will consist of an inspection of both the interior and exterior of buildings/property to verify existing conditions. A separate notice from Wristen’s Home Specialties Inc. (WHS) will be circulated to schedule these surveys with affected residents. Participation is on a voluntarily basis, however recommended as we note that it is important measure to determine if any losses are caused by the construction activities.

Privately Owned Items

The Contractor will not be responsible for damages to any privately owned items on Town property. Property owners should remove items located within Town property limits, such as landscaping and/or decorative objects. If you have a sprinkler system and/or septic bed located in close proximity to the Town property limits, please contact the Town Liaison identified within this Notice.


Construction involves the use of heavy equipment and the unavoidable creation of obstacles. These circumstances are often attractive to children, and as such, we ask that you please caution your children to stay clear of the construction work zone.

While the contractor is required to conduct the Works in a safe manner, we ask that you please take extra caution during the construction period as an additional measure.