Official Plan Review

Managing Growth in our Community – Town Official Plan Review and Growth Management Study 

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What is the Official Plan Review and Growth Management Study? 

What will New Tecumseth look like in the 2051? The Town is growing, but where will everyone live? What kind of housing will people want to live in? What modes of transportation will people use to get necessities? How will agricultural lands and natural heritage features be protected long-term?


Building on the Municipal Comprehensive Review led by Simcoe County, the Town is projected to grow from its current population of 43,948 people to 80,590 people by 2051. Employment is also expected to  increase to 31,620 jobs over the same time period. This means approximately 448 hectares of land is needed for residential and community development and 72 hectares of land is needed for employment lands.


An Official Plan provides a vision for future growth and generally guides where new development will be located and what type of development will take place. This can include homes, schools, businesses, industry and parks. It includes policies for the construction​ of new services such as roads and sewers as well as protecting our natural and built heritage.

The Growth Management Study provides guidance on where to direct growth within the Town to accommodate the projected population and economic growth over the planning horizon.



There will be three main components for the Official Plan Review:

  • Official Plan Review: including updated policy framework, Official Plan Amendment
  • Growth Management Study: including growth scenario options, Fiscal Impact Analysis (this work will include the consideration of infrastructure and servicing requirements), settlement area boundary expansion criteria, growth targets, and landowner requests and other lands included in each of the scenarios
  • Public and stakeholder engagement opportunities in early 2024
Town of New Tecumseth Growth Management Study

The Growth Management Study will comprise a background study, identification of a Focus Study Area, draft growth scenarios, Fiscal Impact Analysis and development of preferred Growth Scenarios.   

The Growth Management Study will underpin future decisions and masterplans such as the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan, Parks Master Plan and Long-term Financial Plan (including for investment, staff capacity and resources).


Public and stakeholder engagement opportunities to influence the final growth scenario will be provided in early 2024 with a range of ways to have your say. Please stay tuned for opportunities.


In order to support the proposed growth, the Town has been provided with a draft density target for new development areas of 55 people/jobs per hectare. This is an increase from the current Official Plan target of 50 people/jobs per hectare.  Increased density and intensification results in the effective use of infrastructure and reduces the amount of sprawl onto agricultural lands.


The Town’s intensification target of 40% for the existing boundaries of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham will remain the same. This means that 40% of new growth will be accommodated within the existing boundaries of the Town's three urban areas.

Growth Management Scenarios

The Town needs to grow to a population of 80,590, a 77% increase, and to 31,620 jobs, a 52% increase, over the next 30 years. This means about 6,917 residential units are proposed for expanded communities in addition to community services including parks, schools, and grocery stores. Additional land for employment (industrial) is also proposed.

The Town of New Tecumseth has hired Hemson Consulting to prepare a Growth Management Study. From this, Hemson Consulting has prepared three different growth scenarios for the Town. These scenarios imagine growth happening in different areas of the Town of New Tecumseth within the three settlement areas of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham.

We are currently seeking feedback on these scenarios. A public launch is scheduled for March 5th, 2024 at the Alliston Memorial Arena, 49 Nelson St. W., Alliston,  to gather public input on the scenarios from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. You can also complete a survey once it has been published on March 5th to have your say in the future growth of New Tecumseth. The survey will be posted on this webpage.

Once we have received feedback from the community and stakeholders, Hemson Consulting will make a recommendation on the preferred Growth Scenario for the Town. You can view the different scenarios below: 

 Growth Management Scenario #1

Growth Scenario #1 proposes that the majority of future growth occurs within the settlement area of Alliston with a small percentage of growth in Beeton.

Scenario #1 Maps

Growth Management Scenario #2

Growth Scenario #2 proposes a majority of the future growth still be around Alliston, but with more development proposed around Beeton and a small amount around Tottenham. Please note that the amount of development in Alliston is reduced in comparison to Scenario #1.

Scenario #2 Maps

Growth Management Scenario #3

Growth Scenario #3 again reduces the amount of growth around the Alliston area, but the settlement still maintains the majority of the growth. Both Beeton and Tottenham receive more growth areas in this scenario, compared to scenarios #1 and #2.
Scenario #3 Maps

Employment Lands Growth Scenario

As part of the growth for the Town of New Tecumseth, it is required that we set aside lands for future Employment growth. In all of the above scenarios, the growth of these lands remains the same and focused solely on the settlement of Alliston.

Employment Lands Scenario

What does this look like on the ground?

Many of New Tecumseth’s current developments, such as Treetops, Belterra, Mattamy, Rayville and  LRG (Lawton Realty Group), are between 50 and 55 people/jobs per hectare. Density comes in many forms from smaller single detached dwellings, semi-detached, townhouses and low-medium rise apartments.

The intensification target of 40% is Town-wide. That means that different intensification targets for Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham are fine, provided that the overall target of 40% is achieved. Intensification can also be achieved through infill and redevelopment of properties/buildings in the existing community. For example, several condominiums and apartments such as Vista Blue, Patterson/Main, Banting Square and Boyne River are all contributing to achieving this target.  

Proposed new growth areas (called Greenfield lands) have operational impacts too where the Town will be responsible in these new areas for a variety of services including plowing new roads, sidewalks and bike lanes to maintaining parks and street trees. Check out the exercise undertaken in December 2023 by Engineering, Planning, and Parks, Recreation and Culture to help visualize what new growth may look like on the ground.