Petitions to Council

A petition is a formal written request, signed by at least five people, appealing to authority with respect to a particular case. Petitions are used to express public opinion to the Council of the Town of New Tecumseth.

 Writing a Petition

All petitions shall be addressed to Mayor and Council, and shall be signed by at least five people and filed with the Clerk. The Clerk will not accept any petition that contains any obscene or improper language.  The petition shall be, in the opinion of the Clerk, appropriate, respectful, and temperate in language. Petitions relating to personnel, litigation or potential litigation will not be published on a public agenda.


Individual(s) or group(s) initiating the petition must provide a key contact name, mailing address and telephone number to the Clerk when submitting the petition. Petitions shall include the statement, or position, of the matter, and contain legible printed names accompanied by original signatures and address of all signatories on the petition. Electronic petitions must include the name, address, and valid e-mail address of all signatories on the petition.


If the Petition is not submitted on the Town supplied form, it must contain the following statement on each page of the petition which includes signatures:

By signing this petition, I hereby acknowledge that this petition will become a public document at the Town of New Tecumseth and that all information contained in it will be subject to the scrutiny of The Corporation for the Town of New Tecumseth and will be publicly available. Questions about the collection and disclosure of personal information contained in this petition, pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, should be directed to the Town Clerk, Town of New Tecumseth, 10 Wellington Street East, Alliston Ontario, L9R 1A1, 705-435-3900 or 


Any submitted petitions that do not include the above statement will be placed on a public Council meeting Agenda with all personal information, except for signatures, redacted. Submitted petitions that do include the above statement shall become public information and all personal information will be published on the Agenda.

 Deadlines for Submitting a Petition

The Clerk will list petitions received prior to 4:30 pm the Wednesday preceding the Regular Council meeting, on the Agenda as Correspondence.  All petitions received after this time will be held over for consideration at a subsequent meeting of Council unless the petition directly relates to items of business on an Agenda.  These petitions can be received up until 4:30 pm on the day before the scheduled meeting.

 Submitting a Petition

Download and complete the Petition Form. It can be delivered in person or mailed to the attention of the Town Clerk at:

Town of New Tecumseth
10 Wellington Street East
Alliston, ON
L9R 1A1

The completed Petition Form can also be submitted by email.

Please note that submitting a Petition does not guarantee the approval of your request.  In addition, all information submitted will be considered to be public information and therefore subject to full disclosure, under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).


For more information, please email the Clerk's Department.

Download the Petition Form.