Plans, Studies and Reports

The Town of New Tecumseth's plans, studies and reports improve our community and guide us toward our future goals.

Official Plan

Our Official Plan details the land-use and development strategy in the Town of New Tecumseth.

Strategic Plan

The Town of New Tecumseth's Strategic Plan: Steps to the Future is the Town's response to challenges that we will face over the next few years.

Master plans

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan assists in the development of a long-term strategy for the management of our capital assets that provide services to our residents and businesses. Please see the documents below for further information.

Community Improvement Plan

The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) promotes the conservation, enhancement, and beautification of buildings and properties in the downtowns of Alliston, Beeton, and Tottenham.

Downtown Enhancement Master Plan

The goal of the Downtown Enhancement Master Plan is to create a shared vision for the three downtowns, build upon their unique characteristics and opportunities, and create series of short and long-term action items to enhance our downtowns.


Economic Development Strategic Plan

The Town of New Tecumseth's Economic Development Strategic Plan guides our economic development activities, recommending more ways to strengthen and diversify our local and regional economy for the next five years and beyond. Explore our Action Plan to learn more about how we're continuing to build partnerships, preparing for future economic development and success, and more!

Fire Department Master Plan

We initiated the Fire Department Master Plan as part of our comprehensive planning process to guide the delivery of fire protection services; to establish key objectives for the fire rescue service; and to present a clear understanding on the current and future requirements of fire rescue.

Information Technology Master Plan

The Information Technology Master Plan reviews how we deliver our services and how technology is perceived at the Town. The Plan assesses what changes are required to reposition the IT department and enable technology solutions.

Leisure & Culture Master Plan Update

The Leisure & Culture Master Plan Update covers how we should acquire, provide and distribute our parks, culture, and leisure facilities and services. The Master Plan Update is a response to growth and residential development, with a focus on our three settlement areas:

  • Alliston (including Briar Hill)
  • Beeton
  • Tottenham

Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan aligns the department's activities with the Strategic Plan, as well as other plans and guiding documents. This includes providing:

  • Short-term and longer term recommendations to set priorities for service delivery;
  • Recommendations for actions needed to fill parks, recreation and culture gaps; and
  • Assistance in managing future growth.

The Master Plan considers priorities and future planning for the entire community, while respecting the identity of 3 distinct communities in New Tecumseth.

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Master Plan by attending public meetings and focus groups, submitting comments, and providing input. Your contributions to Parks, Recreation and Culture in the Town of New Tecumseth are sincerely appreciated.

Water Distribution and Storage Master Plan

The Water Distribution and Storage Master Plan provides a plan for the Town's water infrastructure requirements to 2031. The plan is based on existing infrastructure as well as projected residential, commercial, and industrial growth in our communities of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham.

 Multi Modal Active Transportation Master Plan (In Progress)
The Town of New Tecumseth has initiated a Multi Modal Active Transportation Master Plan (TMP), a long term strategy to develop a sustainable and multi-modal network for the Town’s growing number of residents and workers to the horizon year of 2041. The TMP will build upon existing planning studies and policies including Provincial Plans, County of Simcoe TMP Update, County of Simcoe Official Plan, and the Town’s own Official Plan and Strategic Plan.

Secondary plans

Alliston Secondary Plan

The Functional Servicing Study, Vol. 3 – Master Servicing Report details expansion opportunities and future development in Alliston.

Industrial / Commercial Secondary Plan, Vol. 4 – Master Servicing Plan

We created an Industrial / Commercial Secondary Plan, Vol. 4 – Master Servicing Plan, which includes an analysis of the land area east of the Community of Alliston and its future use. The lands that are now available for industrial and commercial use would not be enough to meet the expected long-term demand.

Beeton Secondary Plan

The Community of Beeton Master Servicing Plan (74 MBs) evaluates our services and determines effective alternatives for future sanitary sewage collection, water distribution, transportation, stormwater management and electrical distribution for the community.

Tottenham Secondary Plan

The Water & Wastewater Servicing Master Plan Update was required to review water and wastewater service requirements and infrastructure improvements, and to ensure that the infrastructure program meets the needs of the community.

Water & Wastewater Servicing Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Report

The Water & Wastewater Servicing Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Report details how our future service updates and improvements must be sensitive to the environment and should meet or exceed all guidelines, policies and standards.

Environmental assessments

Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for 10th Sideroad & 6th Line 

Per the Notice of Commencement, a Public Information Centre No. 1 (PIC) was held on October 8, 2019 to introduce the 10th Sideroad and 6th Line Improvements project and to allow all interested parties an opportunity to review the alternative solutions developed to address the identified deficiencies and to discuss the project with the study team. The information from the Public session can be found on the PIC No.1 Presentation Boards.

Public input is encouraged throughout this process and will be given consideration during the planning and design of this project. The deadline for the submission of the Comment Sheet will be October 22, 2019. Information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments submitted will become part of the public record. 

Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the 9th Line Bridge (CP Rail)

In accordance with Phase 4 of the Schedule ‘C’ Municipal Class EA process, an Environmental Study Report (ESR) has been prepared to document the Class EA process completed for this undertaking and by this Notice of Completion is being placed in the public record for a 30 day public review and comment period.

The 9th Line Bridge Improvements Environmental Study Report and Appendices evaluates the need for improvements to the bridge crossing and future development of an east/west link for the community of Beeton.

Also provided:

Part II Order Request – Refer to the Notice of Completion for further details.

Class Environmental Assessment for Wastewater Treatment

The Class Environmental Assessment for Wastewater Treatment (2005) investigates options for increasing waste-water servicing capacity that accommodates future population growth projections and anticipates industrial, institutional, and commercial growth in the Town. This project was a response to the need to review potable water and waste-water treatment capacity in the Town.

The report consists of four volumes:

Addendum to Class Environmental Assessment for Waste-Water Treatment

The outcome was the creation of an Addendum to the 2005 Class EA Environmental Study Report, in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (as amended in 2007) which is an approved process under the Environmental Assessment Act.

Class Environmental Assessment for the 9th Line Bridge Beeton Creek Crossing

The Trans Canada Trail/Beeton Creek Bridge Municipal Class Environmental Assessment evaluates the need for improvements to the bridge crossing at Beeton Creek, in the community of Beeton. 


Church Street North Transportation Review

The objectives of the Church Street North Transportation Review are:

  • Review the area's road network and traffic volumes
  • Assess the traffic operations conditions
  • Consider future growth and development
  • Identify what road improvements are required to support existing and future traffic demands
  • Provide a road improvement strategy and implementation plan through to 2036.

New Tecumseth Growth Management Study

The purpose of the New Tecumseth Growth Management Study is to update residential and non-residential growth forecasts and determine their land requirements as part of the Official Plan review process. You may view the New Tecumseth Growth Management Strategy to review our findings and resulting recommendations.

Urban Design Guidelines

We developed Urban Design Guidelines as part of our growth management study. They guide urban growth, reinforce the Province's Smart Growth initiatives, and apply principles from our Official Plan.

Road Needs Study

Roads Needs Study (2018)

Previous Road Needs Studies

The Road Needs Study (2014) updates our past study, includes the results of a traffic-counting program, and recommends a pavement asset management program.

The Road Needs Study (2008) shows findings from a review of our Municipal road system. The Study identifies improvements to the roads and structures, which are or will become deficient within the study period.

Post-construction Flow Monitoring Report

A Post-Construction Flow Monitoring Analysis (2018) was undertaken to confirm that the completed repairs were effective in reducing I/I peak flows and volumes in the Tottenham sanitary sewer system. 

2019 Traffic Study – Sir Frederick Banting Road at Victoria Street

The 2019 Traffic Study - Sir Frederick Banting Road at Victoria Street completed by the Ainley Group reviewed the traffic signal warrants at the intersection.


Tottenham Airfield Corporation Inc. (TAC)

View the Tottenham Airfield Corporation Inc. (TAC) – Fill Management Agreement; Reports and Plans to learn more about our development, dust management, entrance truck traffic and, more.

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan & Reports

The Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan reflects our commitment to responsible energy conservation and management. The Plan shows our energy consumption and sets out the emissions generated by the energy we consume.

Energy consumption reports

New Tecumseth Opportunity Assessment

The Opportunity Assessment Findings and Suggestions Report provides a fresh, objective, unbiased viewpoint of our community through the eyes of a first-time visitor. This includes a review of local marketing efforts, signage, attractions, critical mass, retail mix, ease of getting around, customer service, visitor amenities such as parking and public washrooms, overall appeal, and the community's ability to attract overnight visitors. The final report prepared by Roger Brooks identifies ways that we can improve downtown Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham as places to live, work and visit.

Belterra Estates Development – Master Servicing Report

The Belterra Estates Development – Master Servicing Report assesses the capacity of our infrastructure and its distance to the site in order to determine the ability of the external services to accommodate this development. The Report includes design calculations, an outline of the proposed internal services, and comments regarding the ability of the various utilities to service the site.

Municipal Structure Inventory and Inspection

The Municipal Structure Inventory and Inspection 2018 Report provides a summary of structure condition ratings of our total inventory of structures. It also includes the recommended funding for each structure that should be replaced in order to meet its intended design life.

You can also view the past Municipal Structure Inventory and Inspection Study 2016 and Municipal Structure Inventory and Inspection Study 2014.

 2018 Town of New Tecumseth Compensation Review 
 2018 Town of New Tecumseth Compensation Review