Roads, Sidewalks and Access Applications

You must have a Road Occupancy permit for any activity within the right of way (property limits) in the Town of New Tecumseth.

The following examples require a permit:

  • Any work on curbs, sidewalks, roads or boulevards
  • Any work on or near a Town tree
  • Demolition or construction work
  • Special events
  • Storage or disposal bins that are blocking the right of way
  • Swimming pool installations
  • Water and sewer repairs or connections

Please contact Public Works general inquiries if you're not sure if you need a permit.

Applying for a Road Occupancy Permit

Follow these steps to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit:

  1. Fill out our Road Occupancy Permit application, make sure to include the name of the person performing the activity and your schedule.
  2. Provide a traffic control plan if your activity affects traffic.
  3. Applications must be submitted a minimum or ten business days in advance
  4. The application fee is as per current Town Fees and Charges Bylaw.
  5. Submit your permit to the Joint Operations Centre or email Road Occupancy Permit.

You must have a Property Access permit for any new, additional or driveway extension. This permit must also be completed if the property access point requires a curb cut.

Applying for a Property Access Permit

Follow these steps to obtain a Property Access Permit:

  1. Fill our out Property Access Permit Application. Please insure that the property owner is applying for this permit.
  2. The application fee is as per current Town Fees and Charges By-law.
  3. Submit your permit to the Joint Operation Centre or email Property Access Permit.
  4. If  property access is approved, a Road Occupancy Permit will then be required for the installation of the access way. 

Water and Sanitary Connection Permit

Follow these steps to obtain a Connection Permit

  1. Download and fill out a Connection Permit. Please ensure a drawing is included with the application. 
  2. Submit your permit to the Public Works email
  3. If the water and sanitary connection permit is approved, the Permit must be submitted along with the Building Permit Application. 

You must have a connection permit to connect to municipal water and sanitary mains. All piping, exterior and interior, must be inspected by the appropriate department.