Roads, Sidewalks and Access Applications

You must have a Road Occupancy permit for any activity within the right of way (property limits) in the Town of New Tecumseth.

The following examples require a permit:

  • Any work on curbs, sidewalks, roads or boulevards
  • Demolition or construction work
  • Special events
  • Storage or disposal bins that are blocking the right of way
  • Swimming pool installations
  • Water and sewer repairs or connections

Please contact us if you're not sure if you need a permit.

Applying for a Road Occupancy Permit

Follow these steps to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit:

  1. Fill out our Road Occupancy Permit application, make sure to include the name of the person performing the activity and your schedule.
  2. Provide a traffic control plan if your activity affects traffic.
  3. Applications must be submitted a minimum or ten business days in advance
  4. The application fee is $129.00
  5. Submit your permit to the Joint Operations Centre or email.

You must have a Property Access permit for any new, additional or driveway extension. This permit must also be completed if the property access point requires a curb cut.

Applying for a Property Access Permit

Follow these steps to obtain a Property Access Permit:

  1. Fill our out Property Access Permit Application. Please insure that the property owner is applying for this permit.
  2. The application fee is $205.00
  3. Submit your permit to the Joint Operation Centre.
  4. If  property access is approved, a Road Occupancy Permit will then be required for the installation of the access way.