Speaking Before Council

Members of the public are welcome to make a deputation to the Committee of the Whole on any item listed on the Committee agenda without prior notice and are permitted a speaking time of not more than seven (7) minutes.

Members of the public wishing to bring forward new matters to Council or new information that was not brought forward to a Committee of the Whole Meeting may do so by making a deputation request to appear before Council.

Making a Request

To make a deputation request, please complete our Deputation Form and provide a short summary of your topic.

Requests for deputations are required to be submitted with our Clerk by 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the meeting in order to be added to the agenda.

You may submit your request to our Clerk:

    10 Wellington St. E.
    Alliston ON L9R 1A1


If you are an organization or a group, only one (1) person may speak on behalf of the organization or group.

Speaking time is limited to seven (7) minutes in order to permit others time to make their deputations.

Speaking times for delegations at public meetings that relate to applications under the Planning Act are limited to ten (10) minutes.

Please ensure that your deputation does not:

  • Just have the purpose of publicity
  • Relate to litigation or any matter that is now before any court or administrative tribunal affecting the Town of New Tecumseth
  • Make harmful comments, or speak ill of, or malign the integrity of staff, the public or Council

Previous Deputations

Any deputations that have addressed Council on the same topic within one (1) year will require a two-thirds vote of Council to be added to the agenda.