Multi Modal Active Transportation Master Plan


The Town of New Tecumseth has initiated a Multi Modal Active Transportation Master Plan (TMP), a long term strategy to develop a sustainable and multi-modal network for the Town’s growing number of residents and workers to the horizon year of 2041. The TMP will build upon existing planning studies and policies including Provincial Plans, County of Simcoe TMP Update, County of Simcoe Official Plan, and the Town’s own Official Plan and Strategic Plan.

The Study will:
  • Establish policies and programs to encourage Active Transportation within the Town of New Tecumseth
  • Conduct a review of viable transportation options, including a Transit Feasibility Study
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in the transportation network, including:
    • Improving mobility within the three Communities of Alliston, Beeton, and Tottenham, including existing and future residential developments
    • Improving connections outside of the Town
  • Gain public input through Enhanced Consultation programs that support the final recommendations of this study
Study Process

This study follows Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) planning process:

  • Phase 1 will identify a Problem and Opportunity Statement
  • Phase 2 will identify and assess Alternative Solutions to address the Problem and Opportunity

A key component of this study will be consultation with the general public, stakeholders, and agency partners. The project team held three Community Pop-Up Events at the Alliston Home Show, Tottenham Home Show and Artisan Market and the Alliston Potato Festival. The project team also completed the first Public Information Centre (PIC) / Public Open House (POH) meeting on October 03, 2019.

The date for the second Public Information Centre (PIC) / Public Open House (POH) meeting will be posted.

We will keep you updated on any upcoming consultation activities for the TMP. 

Study Goals

The guiding principles for the TMP are set forth by the Town’s Strategic Plan 2013-2018, starting with the Community Vision:

“New Tecumseth will knit together all the diverse communities into a town that will maintain its small town character, and support our rural, urban and agriculture heritage.”

Furthermore, the key Strategic Plan objectives relevant to the MMATMP include:

  • Manage growth by preserving and enhancing the unique rural and small town character of the community while managing growth so that we can provide the services the community needs in a cost effective and efficient manner.
  • Enhance economic vitality by providing a range of employment opportunities and sustainable downtown cores.
  • Preserve, protect, and enhance the natural environment.
  • Preserve the Town’s culture and heritage by protecting heritage streetscapes and providing recreational opportunities that accessibility and mobility needs of all residents.
  • Supporting community service needs including transportation improvements to address motorist and commuter needs and support the effective movement of goods and services by all modes.
  • Maintain, update, improve and replace town assets, roads and infrastructure to meet the needs of the community in a cost effective manner.
Project Materials
 Notice of Study Commencement April 8, 2019
 Community Pop Up Events
 Materials will be made available as the study progresses.
 Public Information Centre (PIC) #1 / Public Open House (POH) #1

Public Information Centre No.1 (PIC) / Public Open House (POH) No.1 was held on October 3, 2019 to introduce the Multi-Modal Active Transportation Master Plan Study. This PIC / POH allowed the residents and general public an opportunity to review the data collected on the existing transportation network along with next steps for this study. The information from the Public session can be found on the PIC / POH Presentation Boards.

The deadline to submit comments was October 24, 2019.

Information was collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments submitted have become part of the public record. 

  Public Information Centre (PIC) #2 / Public Open House (POH) #2
 Materials will be made available as the study progresses.

If you have any comments, please email us to let us know.