Subdivision Services

The Town of New Tecumseth inspects the construction of all new subdivisions. We ensure that all the roads, sidewalks, street lights, catch basins, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, watermains and service connections meet Town and provincial standards.

Municipal services in a new subdivision

As soon as one person is in a home in a new subdivision, we provide municipal services including:

Building a new subdivision

If a Developer wishes to develop land in the Town, it is required to enter into a Subdivision Agreement to ensure that the construction of the subdivision meets all requirements and agreements, including:

  • bulk earth works
  • pre-servicing
  • model home agreements

Assumption of a subdivision

We assume responsibility for maintenance of all municipal services for the subdivision after approving the assumption of the subdivision. This often happens within four to six years after the Developer registers the subdivision or when we are satisfied that all obligations have been fulfilled. Contact us to check if we've assumed your subdivision.

Assumption process

Until assumption of the subdivision the Developer is responsible for all municipal services and upkeep of the street. This does not apply to street sweeping and snow clearing. There are three milestones in the assumption process:

Issuance of the Certificate of Substantial Completion (Underground)

First, the Developer will construct municipal services to base curb and asphalt. This is the point where building permits can be issued and house construction can begin. Model homes can begin sooner.

Issuance of the Certificate of Substantial Completion (Aboveground)

This follows the completion of the fine grading, placing of sod, planting of boulevard trees and top asphalt. A maintenance period of a minimum of 24 months follows this certificate.


Lastly assumption, where the maintenance period expires and the Developer corrected all deficiencies.

Grading/Damage deposits

The Subdivision Agreement sets the timeframe for the grading and sodding of your lot. Check your Purchase and Sale Agreement to determine when your grading/damage deposit will be returned or contact your Builder for more information.

Site alteration and grading

Approved lot grading and drainage designs protect private properties. It also protects the Town's roads, ditches, culverts, boulevards and storm water drainage from water and erosion damage. You are not allowed to alter the approved grading on your property. If you are planning any work on your property, you must match the existing grading on the lot to make sure not to disturb swale or adjacent drainage.

Before starting any site alterations

Contact us for assistance before starting any site alterations to review the scope of the work.

Boulevard trees

Trees are planted as per the approved landscaping plans and they may not be in front of every home.


An easement is an agreement where one party may use the land that belongs to another party for a limited purpose. We can only provide information regarding certain easements in favour of the Town, such as for Town infrastructure, drainage or grading. Contact us for more information about easements.

Rear yard catch basins

The Developer installs rear yard catch basins and storm connections on private property within easements in favour of the Town. This ensures that we can access them for maintenance after the assumption of the subdivision. You must keep the easements free of permanent structures. You can install fences within easements, as they are not considered permanent. If we need to remove the fence during maintenance, it is your expense to reinstall the fence.

Street sweeping

The Developer must remove any mud or dust that trucks or heavy equipment track onto the road. If your street has a top coat of asphalt, we will remove any debris deposited during our winter operations.