Parking, Roads and Sidewalks

Our Public Works Department maintains the Town's roads and sidewalks year-round. Our Municipal Law Enforcement division enforces all parking related matters.


Roadway Shoulder Maintenance

Roadway shoulder maintenance occurs during the spring, summer, and fall months. Public Works staff maintain the roadway shoulders through a multi-stage maintenance process. This maintenance is necessary when excess sediment and organic material accumulates on and in the roadway shoulders. 

Why We Undertake Roadway Shoulder Maintenance

Roadway shoulders serve several functions:

  1. They support the edge of the travelled portion of the roadway.
  2. They provide an area for motorists to regain control if their vehicle leaves the road surface.
  3. The roadway shoulder conveys roadway drainage from the road surface into the roadside ditch. Over time, the shape of the shoulders changes and organic material may start to grow. Both instances negatively affect the functions noted above.

The Roadway Shoulder Maintenance Process

  1. Roadway shoulders with excess sediment and organic material is identified.
  2. A Roads Operator with the support of a grader mounted disc uproots and overturns the shoulder material.
  3. Warm, dry weather is then needed to dry the overturned material to allow it to erode away leaving behind the granulars. This process may take 1-2 weeks depending on the weather.
  4. Any excess material (spoil) will then be graded off and removed.
  5. Areas requiring material will receive additional granular that will be added with the use of a truck mounted hopper.
  6. The roadway shoulders are then graded and packed to re-establish the roadway shoulder.

The Benefits of Roadway Shoulder Maintenance

  1. The removal of the excess material enhances roadway drainage.
  2. The removal of the organic material prevents roots and decaying material from compromising the underlaying roadway and shoulder structure.
  3. The life expectancy of a roadway can be extended.
  4. Reduced sediment being pushed into roadside ditches during winter plowing operations.

What Residents Can Do

  1. Exercise caution when driving along our roadways.
  2. Refrain from planting or allowing organic material from growing on our roadways and roadway shoulders.
  3. Please be patient while Public Works staff undertake this maintenance work.

The following YouTube video demonstrates how the equipment functions when performing Roadway Shoulder Maintenance. 



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