Development and Planning


The Town of New Tecumseth's Planning department manages and reviews development and land-use plans according to our Official Plan and Zoning By-law. The Planning department makes recommendations to Council and the Committee of Adjustment on planning and development applications.

Development and Policy Planning Branch

The Town of New Tecumseth’s Planning Branch regulates land-use development under the Planning Act and help shape land use policies and guidelines working toward a vision of a complete community. 

New Tecumseth is part of a two-tier government where the County of Simcoe forms the upper tier and is also responsible for some Planning services. Visit the County of Simcoe’s Planning website for more information.

Development Charges 

Development Charges are collected to assist in financing capital costs associated with infrastructure and municipal services to support growth.  

Learn more about Development Charges

Development Planning

Planning applications processed and reviewed includes Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments, plans of subdivision and condominium applications. Committee of Adjustment is also part of Development Planning responsible for minor variances, consents to sever land and permission requests under the Planning Act.

Prior to the submission of a development application, a pre-consultation meeting is encouraged with Town Staff through our DART (Development Application Review Team) process.

Development Status Maps 
Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is an independent body appointed by Council under authority granted by the Province of Ontario. The Committee of Adjustment is composed of five members who are all residents of the Town of New Tecumseth. The Committee derives its jurisdiction from the Planning Act to make decisions on Minor Variances to municipal Zoning Bylaw requirements and Consents to create new lots, or adjust boundaries. 

Use our Minor Variance Application and Consent Application forms to apply for a minor variance or a consent to sever land. Make sure you that your submission is complete and accurate to avoid any unnecessary delays. We will return any incomplete or inaccurate applications. The Committee of Adjustment considers the following tests when evaluating a request for a minor variance:

  • The application maintains the general the intent and purpose of the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law;
  • The variance is desirable for the appropriate development and use of the land, building or structure; and
  • The application is minor in nature.

The Committee of Adjustment considers all policies of the Town and County OP, the Town's Zoning By-law as well as provincial policy when evaluating a request for a severance.

Subdivision Services 
See our subdivision services to find out how to enter into a Subdivision Agreement that ensures that your subdivision's construction is safe and meets Town standards.
Site Plans
See our Engineering department to learn about how to submit your site plan control application, the application for a site plan agreement, and how you can speed up your approval process.
Urban Design

An Urban Design Report provides a design framework for any new development. The Report identifies the overall design and how it will be achieved.


Preparing an Urban Design Report

See our Manual for the Preparation of an Urban Design Report to learn how to submit your Report, the applicable legislative requirements and policies, and how you can gain quick approval.


Urban Design Guidelines

See our Urban Design Guidelines for guidance when creating your design as well as a reference for our review process.


Development Application Review Team (DART)

All applicants looking to submit a development proposal to the Town are strongly recommended to arrange a pre-consultation meeting with the Development Application Review Team (DART) to assist the applicant in making the appropriate submissions to the Town. During DART meetings, applicants will be provided with relevant information regarding their proposal

All of the Town's pre-consultation meetings are coordinated through regular DART meetings. These meetings occur roughly every other week. For more information, please contact the Planning Department.

DART Meeting Requests
DART Application Form

Policy Planning

Policy Planning is responsible for growth management in the Town through the Town’s Official Plan, County of Simcoe Official Plan and provincial plans. It ensures the Town’s planning documents remain in conformity with County and provincial plans, along with providing interpretations of these plans as they relate to planning applications in the Town. Policy Planning initiates, develops and implements urban design policies and guidelines as well as other planning related programs, studies and policies including the Community Improvement Plan.

Official Plan

The Official Plan establishes goals and objectives for growth and development including the orderly and efficient provision of services and resources. The Official Plan is regularly reviewed and is prepared in accordance with Ontario's Planning Act.

Incentive programs

Learn about the incentives and rebates that are available. View our Community Improvement Plan to see how we're conserving and improving the buildings and properties in our downtowns of Alliston, Beeton, and Tottenham.

Telecommunication facilities

Installing or expanding a telecommunication facility? Make sure to review our Protocol for Establishing Telecommunication Facilities. Our requirements apply to all carriers planning to install or modify an antenna system.

Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR)

A Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) ensures that Official Plans conform with updated provincial plans and policies. For New Tecumseth, this means that the County of Simcoe is currently undertaking the MCR to update its Official Plan. 

For more information please visit the Town's Municipal Comprehensive Review webpage.

Planning Related Studies

Review of Cannabis Operations

What's happening in Planning

Regular updates to provide information on significant planning items, upcoming key reports to Council/Committee of the Whole and opportunities for engagement on planning matters.



Updated Community Improvement Plan Now in Effect

  • The new and improved Town of New Tecumseth Community Improvement Plan is now in effect
  • The number and types of grants has expanded to include new grants related to Public Art, Privately-Owned Public Spaces, Heritage as well as a new suite of Catalytic Grants which use a Tax Increment Equivalency Grant to help support rental and business development
  • The geographic area of some of the grants apply outside of the downtowns of Alliston, Beeton, and Tottenham
  • From 2006 to 2020, 47 businesses received grants totally over $589,000 demonstrating the Town’s commitment and investment into communities
  • If you are interested in a potential grant, please fill out the Expression of Interest form on the webpage and someone from Planning will happily follow-up with you
  • We encourage you to check out the new Town webpage on the Community Improvement Plan grants:

Four Settlement Area Boundary Expansion Applications Submitted

  • Cooperglen Estates and Rayville Developments have submitted settlement area boundary expansion requests for two areas north of Alliston of 28 hectares and 35 hectares respectfully
    • Cooperglen Estates proposing 286 units of single detached and townhouses
    • Rayville Developments proposing 547 units of single and semi-detached and townhouses
  • GB (Alliston) Inc. has submitted two separate settlement area boundary expansion requests for lands located northwest of Alliston of approximately 40 hectares each consisting of low and medium density residential development, school, parks and a woodlot
  • Outside of the Municipal Comprehensive Review process, the Provincial Growth Plan allows for the submission of settlement area boundary expansions of less than 40 hectares
  • The proposals have been circulated for internal and external agency review
  • Public meetings for these applications will be scheduled in the coming months

Planning Department is Growing to Fill Vacant Positions

  • Recently, some new staff have joined the Planning Department to fill some vacant positions
  • Tanya Staels is the new Committee of Adjustment Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jeremy Bonham is the new Policy Planner
  • Later in January two senior planners will be also joining the team
  • Questions related to any of these items can be emailed to Planning.

Application Submitted for Commercial Redevelopment to Mid-Rise Residential Development

  • Liberty Group has submitted a zoning by-law amendment application for residential development along Young Street at the west end of Alliston where current commercial development is located consisting of 3 restaurants, multi-unit retail plaza and cinema
  • Proposed on the site:
    • One 12-storey mid-rise mixed building
    • Two 8-storey mid-rise mixed buildings
    • 37 3-storey townhouses
  • The proposed development consists of 696 residential dwelling units ranging in size from one-bedroom to three-bedroom units
  • The proposals have been circulated for internal and external agency review
  • A  Public meeting will be scheduled in the coming months

Exciting Projects Planned for 2022

  • Planning has an ambitious work plan for 2022 consisting of:
    • Commencement of updated Urban Design Guidelines
    • Development of an Indigenous Consultation Policy for planning applications
    • Kick-off of a Climate Change Action Plan
    • Formulation of a work plan to update the Town’s Official Plan to align with the update to the County Official Plan upon conclusion of the County’s Municipal Comprehensive Review

Planning Department is Still Growing to Fill Vacant Positions

  • Recently, some new staff have joined the Planning Department to fill some vacant positions
  • Laura Brannon and Madeline Gibson are two senior planners who will be working on development applications in addition to some policy projects

Questions related to any of these items can be emailed to Planning


New Tecumseth 7th Fastest Growing Municipality in Canada

  • Statistics Canada has released some of the Census data for 2021
  • New Tecumseth’s population from 2016 of 34,242 increased 28.3% by 2021 for a total population of 43,948 for municipalities within large and small urban centres
  • From the number of large and small urban centres, New Tecumseth is the 7th fasting growing municipality in Canada and in Ontario, New Tecumseth is ranked 3rd just behind East Gwillimbury and Blue Mountains
  • In 2021, there were 15,854 private dwellings representing a change of an increase of 22.8% from 2016
  • In Simcoe County, New Tecumseth, Bradford West Gwillimbury and Wasaga Beach were among the County’s fastest-growing communities
  • The key driver of this growth was primarily inter-provincial migration

641 Building Permits Issued in 2021

  • Construction value from building permits for the Town of New Tecumseth in 2021 amounted to just over $141 million with the majority from residential development
  • Of the 641 building permits issued in 2021, 578 were residential, 27 commercial, 15 industrial, 12 institutional and 9 from agricultural uses
  • Between 2020 and 2021 there was a 38% increase in the number of permits issued
  • The majority of the new residential building permits issued were in Alliston (318 permits), followed by Tottenham with 72, Beeton with 20 and three issued in the rural area

Ontario Land Tribunal Case Management Hearing on New Zoning By-law

  • In mid-March, a Case Management Hearing to start the proceedings at the OLT (Ontario Land Tribunal) on hearing the two appeals to the Town’s New Zoning By-law 2021-128
  • At this Hearing, parties will be identified, set future hearing dates and an overview of the case will be provided
  • Further updates to the status of the OLT Hearing will be provided in subsequent Planning Updates

Questions related to any of these items can be sent to Planning.


Multi-Residential and Commercial Proposal for east end of Alliston

  • Values Centre Inc. has submitted a zoning by-law amendment application for 689 Victoria Street East for a mixed-use residential and commercial development
  • Proposed on the site:
    • 9 apartment buildings
    • 1 six-storey hotel with around 110 units
    • 8 one-storey commercial buildings providing approximately 7,553 square metres of commercial space
    • 2.6 hectares of landscaped open space
  • The proposed development consists of around 790 residential dwelling units with 6 six-storey and 3 seven-storey residential apartment buildings
  • There is a proposed phasing plan beginning with the commercial portion
  • The zoning by-law amendment seeks to permit high-rise residential and exceptions to parking and loading provisions, setback requirements and residential/commercial use permissions
  • The proposals have been circulated for internal and external agency review
  • A  Public meeting will be scheduled in the coming months

April 19 Council Working Session on New Tecumseth Approach to Managing Future Growth

  • Town of New Tecumseth Council will be participating in a Working Session on April 19 starting at 9:00 am 
  • The agenda for this session will be posted April 7, 2022 on the Town's website 
  • The focus of the discussion is on how future growth can be managed given the anticipated significant residential and employment growth the County will be directing to New Tecumseth over the next 30 years

Questions related to any of these items can be sent to


Two Year Restriction on Zoning Amendments and Minor Variances Lifted for New Zoning By-law 

  • When a new Zoning By-law is approved, the Planning Act restricts anyone from requesting any zoning by-law amendments or minor variances 
  • At the April 4, 2022, Committee of the Whole the two-year restriction was lifted with the final decision ratified at the Town of New Tecumseth Council meeting on April 25, 2022
  • For any applicants with applications submitted, this will mean that they can proceed, and future applications can be submitted to the Town
Town Adopts Services from CRINS (Canadian Radiocommunications Information and Notification Service) for Telecommunication Proposals
  • CRINS is a non-governmental organization which provides services to municipalities and the public to process and consult on proposed construction of radio-communication sites and antenna tower systems
  • In April 2022, Council adopted services from CRINS to provide a higher level of public consultation, reduced staff time, reduction in applications and assurance the Town is up to date with the latest industry standards and federal requirements
  • At the May 30, 2022, Council meeting, staff will complete the adoption process by proposing a by-law to Council
Upcoming Meetings
  • No public meetings scheduled in May 2022
Questions related to any of these items can be sent to

Comprehensive Zoning By-law Final Draft Ready for Approval

  • On August 23, 2021, Council members and the public were presented with the Final Draft of the update to the Town’s Zoning By-law
  • It will be considered for final approval at the upcoming September 13, 2021 Council Meeting
  • Link to Comprehensive Zoning By-law Update 

Interim Control By-law for Cannabis Operations Expiring Soon

  • At the August 25, 2021 Public Planning Meeting, a preferred zoning option was presented for Council and public input on regulating cannabis production facilities in the Town
  • Coming up at the September 13, 2021 Committee of the Whole meeting, it is anticipated that a draft zoning by-law will be presented for consideration based upon the feedback received from the Public Meeting
  • The Interim Control By-law is set to expire on October 1, 2021
  • Link to Interim Control By-law for Cannabis Operations

Main Street Meadows - Beeton to be Heard at Upcoming Public Planning Meeting

  • The Town has received a proposed plan of subdivision application for the lands on the west side of Beeton just outside of the community’s settlement boundary
  • Development proposal for a 980 unit residential development and 1 commercial block on 166 hectares consisting of 287 single detached dwellings, 42 semi-detached dwellings, 251 street townhouses and 400 purpose-built seniors rental apartment units
  • The Statutory Public Planning Meeting is scheduled for October 20, 2021 providing opportunity for members of Council and the public to comment on the proposed subdivision
  • Link to Ministry approved Zoning for Main Street Meadows

Lots of Interest Expressed by Landowners for Settlement Area Boundary Expansions

  • Simcoe County staff at County Committee of the Whole on August 10, 2021 presented a report on the Municipal Comprehensive Review to provide an interim update on current interest expressed for settlement area boundary expansions
  • On September 13 at Committee of the Whole Town staff will present an update to the Municipal Comprehensive Review on growth management
  • The province allocated population and employment growth to Simcoe County to the year 2051 and this may result in the potential need to expand settlement area boundaries in several communities
  • County and Town staff have been tracking requests and to date, 30 requests have been received for lands within New Tecumseth accounting for approximately 3,568 hectares
  • Town of New Tecumseth represents 38% of the total number of requests received by the County
  • The County staff report and mapping for report number CCW 2021-265, can be found on the County of Simcoe Committee of the Whole Agenda 

Simcoe County Public Information Sessions on the Municipal Comprehensive Review

  • The County of Simcoe is undertaking a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) to update its official plan on how the overall pattern of development and land resource management is planned
  • A key component is a Land Needs Assessment to determine how much growth can be accommodated in the existing settlement areas and whether additional land is needed for residential and employment area purposes to the Provincial Growth Plan planning horizon to 2051
  • Public Information Sessions are planned for October on specific topics
  • Register once per household/organization through Eventbrite: Land Needs Assessment and Growth Management Sessions or Technical Study Sessions

Comprehensive Zoning By-law - Approved!

  • The updated Comprehensive Zoning by-law 2021-128 was approved by Council on September 13, 2021
  • The last day of appeal is October 12, 2021
  • For more information on the update, please go to the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law Update page 

Zoning By-law Amendment approved for Regulating Cannabis Operations

  • On September 27, 2021 Council, approved a zoning by-law amendment to regulate Cannabis Operations in the Town
  • By-law 2021-136 was approved permitting cannabis production facilities in the EA2 (employment area two) zone subject to a site-specific zoning by-law amendment

Woodington Minister’s Zoning Order Turned Down at Committee of the Whole

  • The Town has received a revised Minister’s Zoning Order by Woodington Lake Management Inc. in August 2021  
  • On September 27, 2021 the Committee of the Whole turned down the proposal, however the decision will need to be ratified at the October 18, 2021 Council meeting
  • The Development proposal was for a 200-bed assisted living facility, mixed use corridor, hotel/spa and conference associated with Woodington Lake Golf Course, 3,250 dwelling units (range of singles, semis, towns and apartments), seniors apartments, environmental areas and a municipally owned Biodryer
  • The significant difference between earlier versions were the removal of employment lands replaced by additional residential development and the introduction of a Biodryer to manage wastewater

Council Directs Town staff to develop Evaluation Criteria to Assess Settlement Boundary Expansion requests

  • On September 27, 2021 Council directed Town staff to take the draft principles and develop them into evaluation criteria to assess the settlement boundary expansion requests
  • Council provided input into the draft principles with identifying additional principles, commenting on the draft principles and weighting them
  • To date, 31 landowners have made a request to be included in the urban boundaries of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham
  • Evaluation criteria will be developed by staff this fall to be presented to Council for their consideration

No Appeals to Zoning By-law Amendment for Regulating Cannabis Operations

  • By-law 2021-136 was approved with no appeals received as it relates to the results of the Cannabis Interim Control By-law Study
  • Cannabis production facilities are permitted in the EA2 (employment area two) zone subject to a site-specific zoning by-law amendment
  • By-law is in full force and effect as of September 27, 2021

 Comprehensive Zoning By-law Appealed

  • Two site-specific appeals have been received to the Comprehensive Zoning By-law. As a result, the entire updated Zoning By-law is on hold.
  • The Town’s current Zoning By-law 2014-126 still remains in effect.
  • Staff are working with the Town Solicitor on next steps for dealing with the appeals and the approval of the new Zoning By-law.

Simcoe County releases New Tecumseth’s draft Forecast and Land Needs Assessment

  • The County of Simcoe is undertaking a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) to update its official plan, on how the overall pattern of development and land resource management is planned.
  • A key component is a Land Needs Assessment to determine how much growth can be accommodated in the existing settlement areas and whether additional land is needed for residential and employment area purposes to the Provincial Growth Plan planning horizon to 2051.
  • Simcoe County released the draft population and employment forecast and Land Needs Assessment for both Community Needs (housing needs) and Employment Needs.
  • New Tecumseth staff are currently assessing the draft document and anticipate presenting a report to Committee of the Whole on this as well as evaluation criteria for settlement boundary expansions by the end of 2021.


Important Information on Accessing Upcoming Agendas and Reports 

The agenda and report will be posted on the Town of New Tecumseth website the Friday afternoon before the scheduled meeting.  

If you wish to speak at a virtual public meeting, please fill out the appropriate form:

  1. Request to Speak at Committee of the Whole
  2. Request to Speak at a Committee of the Whole Planning Public Meeting
  3. Request to Speak at Committee of Adjustment

Please note identities and comments received at Committee of the Whole and/or Planning Public Meetings will become part of the permanent record and can be made available as a public document. 

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