By-law Enforcement

The Town of New Tecumseth's Municipal Law Enforcement administers and enforces our by-laws.

Have a concern?

You can contact us and we will investigate the alleged by-law violation. We mainly respond on a complaint basis. All information is handled confidentially.

Property Standards By-Law  

Property standards appeal process

An owner may appeal a Property Standards Order issued by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer by filing a Notice of Appeal with the Secretary of the Property Standards Committee within 14 days of the order being served.

The fee to hear the appeal is $109.00 and is non-refundable.

The Committee has the power to:

  • Uphold the Order in whole or in part, with no additional time granted for compliance;
  • Uphold the Order in whole or in part with additional time granted for all or some of the deficiencies to be complied with;
  • Remove any items from the Order that have already been complied with, or have been determined to be invalid;
  • Modify any items within the order in an manner seen fit by the Committee;
  • Quash the order, in whole or in part, based on any technical or procedural error;
  • Defer a decision to a later date pending further consideration by the Committee of the evidence submitted at the hearing, at which time the decision can be provided in writing to all parties to the hearing.

The Owner or occupant or person affected by a decision of the Property Standards Committee may appeal to the Superior Court of Justice by notifying the Clerk of the Town of New Tecumseth in writing and by applying to the court within 14 days after a copy of the decision is sent.

For more information, call 705-435-3900 or email our Customer Service Team