Disposal of Surplus and Obsolete Goods

An item that has been deemed as surplus or obsolete may be disposed of or sold.

The Town’s real property (land and its permanent fixtures) is disposed of in accordance with the Town’s Sale and Other Disposition of Land Policy. Following Council resolution or by-law to declare real property surplus, and in accordance with any notice requirement, in most circumstances the Municipal Clerk will engage a third-party realtor to facilitate sale on the open market.

The Town’s fleet assets are disposed of in accordance with the Town’s Fleet Management Policy. Following the approval of the Roads and Fleet Manager, Director of Public Works, and General Manager, Fleet staff may dispose of a vehicle due to replacement, damage (accident write-off), or end-of-life. Generally, all vehicles will be sold “as is” through the use of an auction house or traded in during procurement of new fleet assets.

All other goods determined to have residual value are disposed of in accordance with the Town’s Procurement Policy. Following appropriate approvals, Procurement staff will circulate a list of surplus goods to departments for possible redeployment. Surplus or obsolete items not required by any other department shall be sold or disposed of by Procurement Services via formal auction, internet auction, publicly advertised request for offers (generally GovDeals) or trade-in. Any remaining surplus items shall be given to a non-profit entity at the discretion of the Manager of Procurement Services.