Skating and Shinny

The Town of New Tecumseth has skating and shinny times available for you to enjoy.  


New Tecumseth offers a variety of skating activities for all ages and abilities. Pre-registration for drop in ice activities is not required. Participation in the scheduled activities is on a first come, first serve basis.

 Indoor Ice Activity Schedule

Indoor ice skating and shinny is offered at the New Tecumseth Recreation Centre, Alliston, Beeton Memorial Arena, Beeton and the Tottenham Community & Fitness Centre. 

Please note, there are cancellations and or reduced drop-in skate schedule at all three of the recreation facilities on Friday Jan 20th, Saturday Jan 21st, and Sunday Jan 22nd due to local minor hockey tournament. 

View the January Indoor Recreational Ice Schedule offering skate and shinny activities in Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham.

 Indoor Ice Activity Guidelines/Overview
A wristband will be issued to all participants at time of payment and must be fastened to the participants wrist as you may be asked at any time during your activity to present proof of payment. If you do not provide proof of payment, you may be asked to exit the ice and be refused future ice time.


The following ice activities have been scheduled to provide a safe, fun, recreational environment for all participants. At all times play must be adjusted to the skill level of all participants on the ice surface.

Identification may be requested to verify age at time of payment. Upon age verification, staff may note the verification on your recreation account.


*Open Skate: is a unmonitored skate that is open to the public for people of all ages and abilities. Helmets are strongly recommended. Public skate fees apply.


Skating:  is an unmonitored open skate for the designated age category. Helmets are strongly recommended for all participants. Sticks and pucks are not permitted on the ice. Public skate fees apply.


Play: is an unmonitored open skate for the family. Participants are welcome to bring a stick and puck onto the ice surface. A helmet and gloves must be worn.  

All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult on the ice surface or in the rink area for the duration of the scheduled activity. 

Play is intended to provide ice time for those children learning to skate and play with a stick and puck. This activity is not intended for advanced skaters. Nets will be on the ice. Public skate fees apply to all participants. 


Shinny: is open to any member of the community who is looking for an informal fun game of hockey. Please follow age categories set out to keep the game safe, fair, and fun. Please be inclusive of all participants on the ice and gear the play level to those on the ice.

It is mandatory for all Shinny participants to wear CSA approved hockey helmets, hockey gloves and to use a hockey stick. Full hockey equipment is recommended.

Shinny fees apply to all shinny activity participants according to their age. Goalies are admitted free of charge.


Family Shinny: is open for families to play shinny together as a group of up to 5-6 children per supervising adult. Shinny rules and fees apply to all participants on the ice. A supervising adult may bring their children to family shinny and choose to not participate on the ice however they must remain in the viewable ice surface area or in the rink area for the duration of the scheduled activity for supervision.


Shinny 7yrs-13yrs: A Parent/Guardian is permitted on ice with child during shinny 7-13 years. The attending adult must wear a helmet and gloves.


Older Adult shinny: participants are required to wear a helmet and gloves. Play is to be adjusted appropriately to the age and skill level of all participants on ice.


“Skating” options – max 60 people per time

“Play” options – max 20 people per time

“Shinny” options – max 20 people per time + 2 goalies or 4 with a rotation

Outdoor Ice Rink

The outdoor rink is situated along side the Tottenham Community & Fitness Centre in Tottenham. 

Outdoor Rink Hours of Operation

Weather permitted the Outdoor Rink is open 9:00am-10:00pm. Please see the schedule below for ice rental information and designated public skate times.

The rink may be closed at any time conditions are deemed unsafe or weather is a factor. 

Outdoor Rink Guidelines 

•Public Skating and Pond Hockey are free activities on the Outdoor Rink.
•A maximum of 50 participants will be permitted on the ice at any given time. Please rotate skaters for pond hockey.
•Participants will be granted access on a first come, first serve basis adhering to the posted outdoor rink schedule.
•Dressing rooms are closed. 
•Outdoor washroom will be open and available for use.
•Please note, the outdoor rink will be monitored to ensure participant numbers are not exceeded.
•CSA approved helmets are mandatory during all pond hockey times and all ice times for minors (Under 18yrs).
•Sticks and pucks are not permitted during public skate times.
•Those not following the above guidelines will be asked to leave and may be denied reentry for the remainder of the season.
•To book ice time during the allocated times please email:
•Pond Hockey: Sticks and pucks are permitted during these set times. Play fair and with all skill levels of participants on the ice. Please follow the age limits noted on the schedule. Adult not permitted on the ice during Child or Youth Pond Hockey times. Please attend during Family Pond Hockey time.
•Rentals: Ice is closed to the public during this time. If there are no scheduled rentals public skating will be available to the public. However after 8:15pm Adult Pond Hockey will be available to the public. Ice bookings will not be updated online and could change at any time.
•ICE FLOODS: are not always scheduled and will occur at the discretion of staff on duty. Floods are not guaranteed before pond hockey or public skating times.
•Outdoor rink may be closed without notice due to unsafe or poor weather conditions.
•Please report injuries or incidents to staff on duty or call Customer Service staff at 705.435.3900 option 2.
•Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and will be reported to the police.
It is recommended to check the Town of New Tecumseth website or to call Client Services at 705.435.3900 option 2, before you visit the facility to receive ice rink closure information. Always remember to scan the QR code on the schedules prior to arriving to skate.

Outdoor Rink Rentals 

Email to rent the outdoor rink. 

 Outdoor Rink Schedule

Please note changes to outdoor rink schedule at the Tottenham Community & Fitness Centre as drop-in skates are cancelled due to a rental on Friday, January 20th between 8:15am – 10:30am and 1pm–2pm.

2022/23 Outdoor Ice Rink Schedule  This schedule is subject to change.  

PA Day's 

We strive to add additional ice activities to the schedule for each of our community recreation centres on PA Day's where possible. Please visit the Drop In Ice Activity details to view times by location, date and time. Pre-registration is not required.   

Skating Rates 



Adults (18+)


Older adults (60+) $3.75

Child/Youth (5 to 17)


Preschool children (up to 4 years)


Family (maximum 5 participants - 2 adults, 3 children)


Holiday Skate (during designated holiday skate times)             


Adult (18+) 6 month Skate Pass


Older Adult (60+) 6 month Skate Pass $49.50
Child/Youth (0-17) 6 month Skate Pass $49.50
Family - maximum 5 participants (2 adults, 3 children) 6 month Skate Pass $173.00


Come enjoy shinny! Shinny is an informal fun game of hockey that's open to any member of the community. You must wear full hockey equipment and a CSA approved helmet. No organized coaching is allowed during scheduled recreational ice times.

Shinny Rates 



Adults (18+) $7.25

Older Adult (60+) 


Minor (0-17yrs)


Holiday Shinny (during designated holiday shinny times)


Adult (18+) 6 month Shinny Pass


Older Adult (60+) 6 month Shinny Pass $75.00
Minor (0-17) 6 month Shinny Pass $75.00

Booking Ice in New Tecumseth

To view available ice and submit a rental request please visit the Facility Rental page