Residential Related Noise

If you are experiencing clearly audible, unwanted and persistent noise in a residential area, you can contact Municipal Law Enforcement to make a complaint at all times of the day or night.

Our Noise Control By-law outlines the activities that are regulated and prohibited in Schedule A. This includes:

  • Loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronic devices
  • Stereos in a building, structure or motor vehicle
  • Construction or maintenance equipment
  • Lack of muffler or tires squealing on a motor vehicle
  • Improperly secured trailer equipment that causes noise
  • Air conditioner, water pump, pool pump or filter or heat pump that is not in proper working order
  • Bells, horns, yelling and shouting
  • Explosives detonation
  • Any ongoing, persistent, unusual sound or noise that is likely to disturb other residents of the town

Residential Tenancies Act

If you are a tenant and a neighbouring tenant in the same building is causing disturbing noise, contact your landlord to make a complaint. The Residential Tenancies Act gives all tenants the right to reasonable enjoyment in their homes without noise distractions.

By-law exemption

You can apply for a Noise Control By-law Exemption for time-limited private functions or activities or special events.  Submit your completed form to the Clerks Department at the Town Administration Centre.  The Manager of Municipal Law Enforcement may grant or refuse to grant any exemption request and may impose conditions as may be determined to be appropriate.

Please submit your application at least two weeks prior to the event to ensure a proper review.