Residential Related Noise

If you are experiencing clearly audible, unwanted and persistent noise in a residential area, you can contact Municipal Law Enforcement to make a complaint at all times of the day or night.

Our Noise Control By-law outlines the activities that are regulated and prohibited in Schedule A. This includes:

  • Loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronic devices
  • Stereos in a building, structure or motor vehicle
  • Construction or maintenance equipment
  • Lack of muffler or tires squealing on a motor vehicle
  • Improperly secured trailer equipment that causes noise
  • Air conditioner, water pump, pool pump or filter or heat pump that is not in proper working order
  • Bells, horns, yelling and shouting
  • Explosives detonation
  • Any ongoing, persistent, unusual sound or noise that is likely to disturb other residents of the town

Residential Tenancies Act

If you are a tenant and a neighbouring tenant in the same building is causing disturbing noise, contact your landlord to make a complaint. The Residential Tenancies Act gives all tenants the right to reasonable enjoyment in their homes without noise distractions.

By-law exemption

You can apply for a Noise Control By-law Exemption. Submit your completed form to the Clerks Department at the Town Administration Centre.