The Town of New Tecumseth's Engineering department oversees our roads, water and wastewater systems, and storm water drainage.

Engineering Design Criteria and Standards

The Town of New Tecumseth Engineering Design Criteria and Standards are intended as a guideline to provide a good engineering basis for subdivision design, to establish a uniform criteria of minimum standards, and to improve processing of subdivision plans and agreements in the Town. The standards dated August 2005 are draft standards subject to revisions.

Changes and revisions will be made to these standards from time to time and it the responsibility of the Developer or the Developer’s Consulting Engineer to obtain and make use of the latest version available at the time of engineering design.

Submitting your site plan

Please use our Site Plan Submission Guidelines to help you through completing your Site Plan Agreement Application. The Guidelines explain our submission procedure, different drawing requirements, and includes a full copy of our Site Plan By-law. It's helpful to address each point in order to speed up your approval process. It is recommended to set up a pre-consultation meeting with the Town Staff to understand the submission requirements.

Traffic counts

View our current traffic counts map. Depending on the size and scope of your development project, the traffic count may change.

Street naming policy

View our street naming policy and procedure

Engineering department's responsibilities

Our Engineering department's practices include:

  • Assessing and designing municipal infrastructure
  • Commenting on municipal service issues
  • Preparing site plans and agreements
  • Managing engineering studies and assessments
  • Developing budgets for long-term and short-term development